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    Traffic barriers have been in use for many years, and over time, have only continued to serve a wider range of functions. Ideal for security for properties, parking spaces, and as level crossings, this sturdy barrier is perfect for many different properties. If you have been planning to invest in this well-known entrance type, then you need to reach out to a proven distributor.

    At Bolton Gate Services, we are delighted to offer the best traffic barriers Wilton customers can obtain. Our team have put together a broad selection of traffic barriers that will match the needs of all clients. Whether you are looking to make use of manual or automatic barriers, we have the units to fulfill your requirements. When you choose to employ our team, you can also make use of the following:

    • Efficient Repairs
    • First-Class Customer Service
    • Specialist Advice
    • Swift Installation
    • Thorough Servicing
    • 24/7 Emergency Call-Out Service

    Our pleasant team are always happy to discuss our services in detail, so be sure to call us now on 08085015480 , if you ‘d like more information.


    How Can You Benefit from Traffic Barriers?

    Traffic barriers have become an increasingly popular feature over time. More manageable in size than gates, and much more reasonably priced, Wilton traffic barriers can be found at the entrance of car parks, surrounding restricted locations, and many other locations. These barriers offer an added level of security to any kind of premises, as they prevent unwanted cars from getting in.

    The barriers themselves are made up of a long pole and a control system, both of which are of a sturdy build. Most traffic barriers are automated, meaning that they are unbelievably simple to operate.

    We have addressed a number of questions concerning the traffic barriers we offer throughout this page, so make sure to have a read if you have any pressing queries.

    Why Choose Us for Wilton Traffic Barriers?

    Here at Bolton Gate Services, we’ve been supplying all manner of entrance types for many years. Every one of our staff have an extensive understanding of our products and are confident in being able to mount them properly for clients. We work with speed and efficiency on all installation work and always carry out thorough checks to guarantee that our job is up to scratch.

    We know that the need for maintenance work, particularly for traffic barriers in Wilton, is essential. We’ve made certain that we’re available 24/7 every day of the year to deliver high-quality maintenance and repairs for customers. Thanks to our depots being strategically positioned throughout the UK, we’re never more than 4 hours away from your site.

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    If you ‘d like to take advantage of the finest traffic barriers Wilton has to offer, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Bolton Gate Services. E-mail queries to info@boltongateservices.com, and we’ll reply promptly.

    Traffic barriers have been in use for many years, and over time, have only continued to serve a wider variety of purposes. Our team have put together a wide selection of traffic barriers that will suit the needs of all clients. More convenient in size than gates, and much more reasonably priced, Wilton traffic barriers can be located at the entrance of car parks, surrounding restricted locations, and countless other locations. We understand that the requirement for maintenance work, especially for traffic barriers in Wilton, is important. If you ‘d like to take advantage of the best traffic barriers Wilton has to offer, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Bolton Gate Services.

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    What is a traffic barrier?

    What Is A Traffic Barrier?

    Traffic barriers– commonly also referred to as safety barriers or guard rails– offer the perfect system for limiting access to a loading bay or a storage facility. Many modern units are remote-controlled and very easy to use.

    Premium barriers are an absolute must-have unit at a hectic storage facility or a distribution centre to maintain your supply secure and manage the traffic flow into the facilities. For this reason, it’s certainly not ideal if they unexpectedly stop working or get unintentionally harmed by a moving vehicle.

    Whichever type of traffic barriers Wilton business owners may be using at their facilities, the Bolton Gate Services team will be able to assist as we have several years of experience with numerous different systems from all of the best-known producers in the business.

    The vital way to make sure that you will not need to call out a group for urgent emergency repairs is by getting the skills of specialist engineers like Bolton Gate Services that specialises in traffic barriers in Wilton.

    Because we provide the most competitively priced servicing and maintenance plans that you’ll be able to get in the area, this is. The process would include one of our licensed engineers seeing your premises at a time that’s most convenient for you.

    Thanks to our many years of hands-on experience in the business and invaluable market expertise, we will be able to determine possible complications well before they even emerge and make sure that underlying troubles are nipped in the bud before they get a chance to escalate and cause trouble for your everyday procedures!

    Where should you use a traffic barrier?

    Where Should You Use a Traffic Barrier?

    Traffic barriers are normally used for stopping cars from passing through without permission. There are countless traffic barriers in Wilton, with some being used as entryways to restricted areas.

    The systems are a way of making sure that only permitted people enter the amenities. Traffic barriers, Wilton business owners, tend to also be used to provide authorised access to particular cars, such as buses and ambulances. Apart from the uses already specified, these barriers can also assist to control traffic circulation, preventing congestion in specific locations.

    Checkpoints also use traffic barriers to make sure that duties can be carried out without worrying that the driver of the vehicle will go through without authorisation. The barriers themselves are usually formed into a single pole that may not look particularly sturdy, but are really difficult to break through.

    They are connected to an automated system that electronically signals the pole to move up and down when the car owner has been provided access.Usually, the poles are slow moving when they rise and fall, giving the car sufficient time to get through the gate. Here at Bolton Gate Services, we have experience when it comes to installing traffic barriers, so if you require our assistance, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

    Can traffic barriers be serviced or maintained?

    Can Traffic Barriers Be Serviced or Maintained?

    Yes, they can and that’s exactly what we specialise in at Bolton Gate Services– the maintenance and servicing of all types of traffic barriers Wilton residents may be relying on and using at their place of business.

    Frequently, we get called out to inspect Wilton traffic barriers that have unexpectedly stopped working, gotten stuck or there’s a problem with the remote control. If the barriers have not been properly maintained by a trained team of experts, these things are typical.

    There are also situations where a moving car has accidentally crashed into the traffic barriers. Wilton customers can rest assured that at Bolton Gate Services, we will do our very best to fix the damages, with substitutions only the last alternative in truly dire circumstances.

    As competent Wilton traffic barrier experts, we will know exactly what to take into consideration and look out for when arriving at your worksite. Our engineers will secure the grounds and perform a detailed examination to get to the bottom of the problem.

    This typically doesn’t take long because chances are that we’ve dealt with a very similar problem before.We will offer you a step by step solution to getting the issue eliminated once we have a comprehensive summary of what’s happened.

    We’re certain that you will appreciate our professionalism, speed as well as industry knowledge. We would also more than happy to talk you through our convenient maintenance bundles that will ensure you won’t require any sort of costly repairs later on as we’ll be able to identify possible issues before they develop!

    Why should you have a traffic barrier?

    Why Should You Have a Traffic Barrier?

    The principal purpose of a traffic barrier is to control access to a specified location. Traffic barriers could be a valuable financial investment if you are a business owner in Wilton. For instance, if you have a private parking area or a section on your premises that is allocated for authorised personnel only, then a barrier would be greatly beneficial.

    These automated systems can control the circulation of cars entering into the area and it will allow you to approve access to the right people. There are different types of automated solutions for traffic barriers. In Wilton, numerous large multi-storey car parks use these gates to ensure that drivers do not leave the premises without paying.

    It is also beneficial for checkpoints to have traffic barriers set up to ensure that relevant checks can be executed prior to allowing the driver to go through. If you are a business owner that is mulling over whether or not to have a traffic barrier set up on your premises, then we can help you decide. There are certainly factors to think about.

    Here at Bolton Gate Services, we have a team of highly skilled engineers that can provide you with all the information you need to help you decide. Among the main benefits of going with these barriers is that as soon as they are installed, your work is basically done! They are automated to open up as well as shut when you see fit, so you can have peace of mind knowing that the areas of your grounds are protected.

    What are the key features of traffic barriers?

    What are the Key Features of Traffic Barriers?

    In terms of the aesthetics of a traffic barrier, it is a long bar or pole that is laid horizontally across an access point. The pole remains in that position until it is electronically triggered to move slowly upwards, ultimately reaching an almost vertical position. This then permits the waiting car to go through.

    There are different types of traffic barriers, Wilton customers, with some end to end and others offset to block traffic in both directions. As well as being a physical barrier blocking access to certain locations, there are different ways for the barrier to be operated. For some, a push button will be used to operate the movement of the pole.

    Electronic sensors and loop detectors are also sometimes used for traffic barriers in Wilton, while an RFID reader is also a possibility. Some barriers are operated via a remote control or third party control devices. As you can see, there are various ways to sync up the automated system, which is the primary feature of a traffic barrier.

    To make certain that these features are working correctly, we have a team at Bolton Gate Services that can perform comprehensive assessments. We provide maintenance bundles that will involve our team inspecting the condition and safety features of your systems. It is essential that they comply with the standards outlined in the health and safety regulations.

    If you would like more details about our services or to find out more regarding the functions of traffic barriers, get in touch with a member of our team by calling 08085015480

    How reliable are traffic barriers?

    How Reliable Are Traffic Barriers?

    As traffic barriers in Wilton can be a considerable financial investment, it’s understandable that customers would like to know how reliable they are. Each of the traffic barriers delivered by us at Bolton Gate Services has been built to last using the finest materials available.

    Customers frequently worry about the operation of traffic barriers and question whether they’ll open for clients correctly. Almost all contemporary traffic barriers are equipped with sophisticated technology that permits them to open and close automatically.

    If by chance a malfunction leads to the automatic function not working correctly, there’s no need to worry, as each traffic barrier will have a manual override. This attribute means that even if your automatic barriers can not operate on their own, you can still use them by hand without there being any kind of disruption to day-to-day operations. You can rely on your barriers to still be functional even if they encounter a minor fault.

    On top of everything else, traffic barriers, Wilton customers, are a more low maintenance option. While it is still important to have your barriers serviced periodically, they do not require anywhere near as much attention as gates in order to continue working correctly.

    Are traffic barriers simple to install?

    Are Traffic Barriers Simple to Install?

    Customers running busy organisations often don’t have the time needed to have intricate entrance systems fitted. Traffic barriers, Wilton customers, are extremely easy to install. As these units are not incredibly complicated and of a convenient size, they can be fitted correctly in a short space of time. However, as simple as it may seem, you still need a proven team available that can have the barriers installed for you.

    Here at Bolton Gate Services, we’re pleased to offer first-class setup service for traffic barriers. Wilton customers can get started by connecting to our team and consulting with them to determine what barriers are being installed. We will then set up a convenient date upon which to visit your site and execute services.

    You will be visited by fully certified experts that have plenty of experience working on doors and barriers. Our team aim to operate with speed and efficiency on every project, so you won’t have to wait long for your traffic barriers to be fitted.

    While traffic barriers in Wilton are simple to install, they do require long-term upkeep. It is here where we at Bolton Gate Services can assist once again, as our team are available 24/7, 365 for emergency servicing and maintenance. You can rest assured that our team will always be there when it is required to make sure that your traffic barriers remain in top condition.

    Are traffic barriers easy to operate?

    Are Traffic Barriers Easy to Use?

    We often get asked this question by our customers who might be unaccustomed with the operation of traffic barriers. Wilton customers, the short answer is yes; they are really easy to operate.

    In the event of an emergency, however, the manual override makes it simple to promptly close a barrier or open as needed. During normal operations, boom barriers will commonly close and open by themselves, with no effort needed by an actual person. This could be by means of a sensor or remote control, or the barrier might be directly connected to your parking lot’s payment system.

    This whole process is developed to be totally automated, so theoretically, no operator is needed. Naturally, not all traffic barriers in Wilton are automatic. Manual options exist too, and these are as simple as exerting a downward force on the counterweight to elevate the pole. When a vehicle has passed through, gradually release the pressure on the counterweight to carefully lower the pole back into place.

    Here at Bolton Gate Services, we set up both manual and automated traffic barriers. Wilton customers, regardless of which option you choose, know that barriers are one of the simplest entrance solutions to use. They are developed with convenience, performance, ease-of-use, as well as safety and security in mind.

    Are traffic barriers durable?

    Are Traffic Barriers Durable?

    Clients looking to invest in traffic barriers rightly question the toughness of such an unit, especially given the possible cost. Traffic barriers are built with longevity in mind and are meant to be made use of for numerous years.

    While each element of a traffic barrier will have been crafted making use of products of the highest quality, there is only so much damage each unit can take. The pole feature is not built to endure severe levels of damages from say a large-scale vehicle. Such incidents are luckily unusual, and the pole itself will act as a protective barrier to the inside of your property or to other vehicles. In any case, this feature can be changed at a reasonably low price if necessary.

    Aside from severe, vehicle-induced damages, traffic barriers are a low maintenance option that is fairly durable. For example, vandals will have the ability to create a few issues, thanks to the solid build of the pole and the security of the control box. As such, your Wilton traffic barriers will function as a long-term feature of your property.

    The only internal issue to be considered concerning traffic barriers, Wilton clients, is that of electrical breakdown. With manual override always offered, such troubles, which can be fixed easily, won’t cause much interruption. On the whole, traffic barriers are a solid investment and are not likely to create any kind of catastrophic issues that render them useless.

    If you’re convinced that we’re the best choice for traffic barriers, Wilton clients shouldn’t hesitate to call us at Bolton Gate Services today. Our team are always happy to go over our purchasing options in more detail, so be sure to reach out if you ‘d like to take advantage. We can advise you on which traffic barriers would be best for your site and arrange a convenient date upon which to visit and have them installed.

    Our team are always available to reach over the phone on 08085015480, so be sure to give them a call if you have any kind of specific questions. We will always listen to your query carefully and do our best to advise on the next best course of action. This will be the case whether you need help with buying new barriers or require emergency maintenance or repair work.

    You can contact our team via e-mail at info@boltongateservices.com, or by filling out our online contact form. We can then get back to you with the needed information and also schedule for our staff to visit your site if needed.

    Remember, we’re available 24/7, 365 days a year, so no matter what your query is, we can assist whenever it is necessary. Our staff will always be clear, concise, and friendly when you reach out, so you can expect nothing but the best service whenever you call us.