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    Are you looking for a dependable team of specialists that specialise in pedestrian automatic doors? As a company, we specialise in high-performance doors in the commercial and industrial markets.

    Maintenance Plans for Thatcham Pedestrian Automatic Doors

    Many people will see automatic doors on a regular basis as they are commonly used in a great deal of public buildings. Countless supermarkets and shopping centres use these doors, as do hotels and hospitals. Given that they are used routinely, it is important that they stay in top condition. If they fail to meet regulations, then your organization could be penalised, and insurance void.

    In the event that the door breaks down or it doesn’t open, it could pose a safety threat to individuals going through. Additionally, if this is the only entrance point to your building, then it will prevent customers from visiting your establishment, potentially resulting in a loss of revenue.

    Here at Bolton Gate Services, we can make sure that your pedestrian automatic doors in Thatcham are in strong working order. We will check your doors and identify any issues that we come across.

    24/7 Repairs

    As well as performing regular upkeep examinations on your pedestrian automatic doors, Thatcham clients should know that we are available for 24/7 repair services. We run a 24-hour emergency callout service, which means that if you require sudden help, an engineer will be on your site. Even if it is 4am on a bank holiday Monday, we will answer your call and work immediately on solving the problem.

    We vow to send an engineer to your premises within 4 hours of you getting in touch. Due to the fact that we have depots positioned tactically across the country, we can guarantee that fast response time here at Bolton Gate Services. The repair service itself will be performed as quickly as possible. Our fleet of vehicles come equipped with all the relevant instruments and equipment to carry out a first-time fix.

    In the event that a first-time fix is not possible, we will make sure that the location is safely secured prior to leaving. Our temporary repair will be in place until we can return to finalise the repair. Every one of our engineers operate efficiently to make certain that your Thatcham pedestrian automatic doors remain in the best condition.

    If you would like to find out more information about our upkeep and repair solutions, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team. Once you have told us what you need, we can arrange for one of our engineers to visit your property.

    Are you searching for a dependable team of professionals that specialise in pedestrian automatic doors? Many people will see automatic doors on a regular basis as they are commonly used in a great deal of public buildings. Here at Bolton Gate Services, we can make certain that your pedestrian automatic doors in Thatcham are in strong working order. As carrying out regular upkeep checks on your pedestrian automatic doors, Thatcham clients should know that we are available for around-the-clock repairs. All of our engineers work efficiently to make sure that your Thatcham pedestrian automatic doors are in the finest condition.

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    What Are Pedestrian Automatic Doors?

    What Are Pedestrian Automatic Doors?

    Pedestrian automatic doors, Thatcham clients, can be located in commercial properties all over the world. These doors are available in a variety of differing styles as well as sizes, with different models being suitable for different settings.

    It’s easier to control the flow of clients, as the doors will open the required amount automatically. Pedestrian automatic doors also allow for terrific protection from bad weather, as they only open when needed, remaining shut the rest of the time.

    We at Bolton Gate Services are delighted to have a selection of pedestrian automatic doors available for any interested customers. Our team can advise on which type of automatic door would be suitable for your building and have it fitted by means of our speedy setup service. Once you’ve had these exceptional doors set up, you won’t look back, as their ease and practicality will blow you away.

    It won’t take long for you to get used to pedestrian automatic doors, Thatcham clients. Our team are on call 24 hrs every day of the year, so you can always reach out if your doors have run into an issue.

    Pedestrian automatic doors, Thatcham clients, can be located in commercial properties all over the world. Pedestrian automatic doors also allow for fantastic protection from unfavorable weather condition, as they solely open when needed, remaining closed the remainder of the time. We at Bolton Gate Services are delighted to have a variety of pedestrian automatic doors available for any interested customers.

    What Are the Benefits of Pedestrian Automatic Doors?

    What are the advantages of Pedestrian Automatic Doors?

    You will find there are many benefits to using pedestrian automatic doors, Thatcham clients. One such advantage, which is especially significant now because of COVID-19, is that they help stop the spread of germs and bacteria. These doors open on their own and require no contact with the public, meaning germs can not be spread as the doors won’t need to be touched.

    Plus, as they open automatically, these doors will make your premises easily accessible to those with disabilities, the elderly, and those with small children and pushchairs. Any company or property needs to be accessible to everybody, and with these doors installed, yours will be.

    Thatcham, pedestrian automatic doors are especially beneficial in areas where the volume of foot traffic is high. With the use of doors which we need to open ourselves, foot traffic could easily accumulate and a crowd could form. By choosing automatic doors, however, entering and exiting your property will be quick and easy. Plus, if your property is on the smaller side, having a set of sliding automatic doors set up will increase the available space.

    One advantage which stands out from the rest, however, is that the installation of these doors can save you money. They only open when someone is entering or exiting, meaning they remain shut the rest of the time, maintaining warm air inside and chilly air outside, or vice versa in the summertime.

    Will Pedestrian Automatic Doors Make My Business More Accessible for Disabled People?

    Will Pedestrian Automatic Doors Make My Business Accessible for Disabled People?

    It is essential for all firms to cater to the needs of as many customers as possible. It’s in the best interest of every company to be accessible to all interested customers. Having said that, it is often needed that specific steps be taken so as to make your property easier to access for people with disabilities. One way in which you can do this is by having pedestrian automatic doors set up.

    Simply put, yes, pedestrian automatic doors, Thatcham customers, will certainly make your company much more accessible for disabled individuals. Though a lot of us take the simple act of opening a door for granted, this is difficult for people with physical difficulties. It is, therefore, the duty of a business to make their building accessible to such individuals.

    As pedestrian automatic doors act on their own, those who are on crutches, in a wheelchair, or in a similar situation, will not need to open them by hand. Not only does this make life easier for such people, but it also means that they’ll be more likely to visit your premises. Because it is clear your facility is catering to their needs as well as is easily accessible, this is.

    While having pedestrian automatic doors will definitely make your organization much more easily accessible, there are various other actions you might need to take. The installment of a ramp may be needed if your building is elevated above street level. While various other solutions may need to be thought about, rest assured that the installation of pedestrian automatic doors will certainly get you on the right track.

    Are Pedestrian Automatic Doors Safe?

    Are Pedestrian Automatic Doors Safe?

    While pedestrian automatic doors are unquestionably a valuable asset for all businesses to take advantage of, it’s valid for companies to question whether they are safe to use. Clients and employees alike will be using these doors on a daily basis in many facilities. At Bolton Gate Services, we want to assure local customers that not only are pedestrian automatic doors safe, but in many cases, they are safer than conventional doors.

    One of the most reassuring factors supporting the safety of pedestrian automatic doors, Thatcham clients, is the technology that is behind their operation. Motion sensors above the door will track the movement of oncoming clients and cause the doors to open for the duration that they are nearby. This guarantees that no sudden closures can take place while an individual is trying to go through the door.

    At Bolton Gate Services, safety is of paramount importance to our team. We quality check all of our pedestrian automatic doors before shipping them out to clients. It is vital that such doors are fitted correctly by a specialist team to ensure that they are working without issue. Any type of faults need to be dealt with at an early stage to prevent the doors from malfunctioning and causing harm.

    To make sure the ongoing safe operation of pedestrian automatic doors, Thatcham businesses should see that frequent maintenance is performed. By identifying and fixing faults before they can develop, it is less likely that a door break down could cause someone injury. We provide 24/7 repair and maintenance services so pedestrian automatic doors owners can always count on our team to be available.

    Where Can You Get Pedestrian Automatic Doors From?

    Where Can You Get Pedestrian Automatic Doors From?

    You’re most likely thinking where you can get a set of automatic doors from if you’re asking this question. There are a number of providers that supply and install pedestrian automatic doors, Thatcham clients. But only a few can compete with the more than 30 years of experience that we possess at Bolton Gate Services. We supply a variety of doors to fit any property and can even look after your doors for their entire lifecycle.

    All our pedestrian automatic doors in Thatcham are supplied and fitted by our highly trained engineers. Our engineers are trained to a minimum standard of NVQ Level 2 and are well-versed in health and safety. You know you’re working with industry professionals and that you’re in capable and also safe hands. From commercial and industrial buildings to residential properties like blocks of flats, we’ve installed doors for numerous customers.

    An important consideration to make whenever a situation concerns pedestrian automatic doors, Thatcham clients, is health and safety. Our team always operates in a responsible manner and will ensure everything is functioning correctly before they leave. By running extensive tests, we guarantee that your new doors will be safe, compliant, and fully functional.

    We’ve stated this already, yet it’s worth reiterating that our Thatcham pedestrian automatic doors team are with you for the entire lifecycle of your doors. We can get you set up with a bespoke servicing program. And if you ought to require support, we’re always on hand to assist with maintenance and repairs.

    What do I need to consider when installing new Pedestrian Automatic Doors?

    What Do I Need to Consider When Installing New Pedestrian Automatic Doors?

    There are lots of elements that you need to consider when having new Thatcham pedestrian automatic doors installed at your property. Your brand-new doors will certainly be installed the right way by our staff and they will certainly satisfy all the called for safety guidelines.

    Another factor to consider when having brand-new pedestrian automatic doors set up is the quality of the doors. You are adding a huge investment to your building, so you wish to make certain that the company you work with is offering high quality products.

    Well, here at Bolton Gate Services, we only ever provide the best products for our customers. You will be hard-pressed to discover another business that can match our quality. Plus, our doors, while being of the highest quality, are competitively priced so they are within the budget of any property owner.

    When you are setting up pedestrian automatic doors, Thatcham clients, you will certainly need to ensure you have a company on hand to accomplish any type of maintenance and repairs services. By coming to us to have your new doors set up, you will be working with a company that are with you throughout the lifecycle of your doors. We will provide bespoke maintenance plans to ensure the continued effectiveness of your doors and carry out any kind of repair work that are needed.

    Which is better, a wing or sliding automatic door?

    Which Is Better– A Swing or Sliding Automatic Door?

    Because people’s needs are very different when it comes to pedestrian automatic doors, this is a difficult question to address. Thatcham residents might need to seek advice from the professionals as swing and sliding automatic doors both come with their very own unique set of benefits.

    Swing Doors

    Automatic swing doors open quietly. They are particularly beneficial for use by elderly individuals or those with limited mobility, so this may be the best option if you’ve been wishing to make your place of business more easily accessible.

    Most of modern automatic swing doors are controlled by an expert micro-processor that manages and continuously controls a fluid movement. At the same time, the built-in protection radars instantly discover any potential barriers, guaranteeing a smooth, safe swing motion.

    Sliding Doors

    When it comes to straight sliding pedestrian doors, there are numerous solutions available that business managers and building managers are going to find extremely valuable depending upon their specific functionality demands. One of the essential advantages of these sorts of doors is how simple they are to install.

    There are lots of aesthetically pleasing solutions available that are mosting likely to flawlessly blend in with what’s already there. Getting in and out of your building will be a doddle for your clients and your workers can easily transfer items back and forth!

    Stay Proactive by Hiring Bolton Gate Services

    Any kind of hectic buildings that utilise pedestrian automatic doors in Thatcham need unfaltering performance and functionality. Therefore, you must sign up for one of our highly cost-effective upkeep packages that make sure excellent operation at all times!

    How Safe are Pedestrian Automatic Doors?

    How Safe Are Pedestrian Automatic Doors?

    We know that pedestrian automatic doors are safe, but just how safe are they? It’s sensible for organizations that see a significant amount of customers enter and exit their premises daily to be worried about the safety of these doors. At Bolton Gate Services, we guarantee that all of our doors meet the required health and safety standards, and are happy to vouch for the safety of such entranceways.

    Pedestrian automatic doors, Thatcham customers, are constructed with health and safety in mind. If they haven’t passed the required health and safety checks and been certified by professionals, no doors will ever be set up. At Bolton Gate Services, our team will always make sure that the automatic doors we supply have been checked thoroughly and are totally functional.

    Incidents can still take place, however, no matter how extensively your doors have been examined. Leaving weighty items in front of your door will cause it to remain open, for example, which may lead to further malfunctions regarding motion sensing. It is, thus, your obligation to make certain that your doors are not obstructed and that they are routinely examined by you or your team.

    It’s worth noting that the most effective way to make certain that your pedestrian automatic doors remain in top condition is to have them examined and maintained routinely. At Bolton Gate Services, we offer 24/7 repair and maintenance services, so we’re always available to come out and examine your doors. It’s in the best interest of health and safety to have them carried out as quickly as possible if we do find any repairs that need to be made.

    What is the Maximum Size of a Pedestrian Automatic Door?

    What’s the Maximum Size of a Pedestrian Automatic Door?

    When it comes to the specification and standards for pedestrian automatic doors, there are some things that individuals may need to be aware of. Thatcham customers, we’re right here to talk you through the advantages and provide you one of the most affordable maintenance solutions on the marketplace!

    When pedestrian automatic doors are correctly designed, installed and maintained, they will certainly give a truly inviting and convenient way of accessing the premises that’s simultaneously risk-free and accessible for vulnerable individuals.

    Unfortunately, there’s no way that we can give a quote regarding the necessary size for your desired pedestrian automatic doors in Thatcham because there are merely way too many variables and there is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to bespoke entranceways for a workplace.

    All specialist setups must start with a detailed building survey where the team dealing with the job will take specific measurements and also provide you guidance on just how to move forward. The certain layout and potential issues within your premises will certainly need to be taken into account closely prior to any type of production processes begin.

    Something else to consider that might affect the final size of the doors is whether you need to include some additional units to make the premises a lot more accessible, such as a wheelchair ramp or handrails for customers with restricted movement.

    The precise nature of the application will be one of the most essential factor in figuring out the kind of pedestrian automatic doors that are going to finally be put in at your premises. You will be happy to find out, however, that these sorts of doors are extremely flexible and it’s highly unlikely that you will not be able to find the best set, even if your entranceway is bigger than usual!

    Do You Offer Service or Maintenance of Pedestrian Automatic Doors

    Do You Offer Service or Maintenance of Pedestrian Automatic Doors?

    The simple response to this question is yes, Bolton Gate Services does provide servicing and maintenance for pedestrian automatic doors, Thatcham customers. As a matter of fact, we have years of experience in the industry throughout which we have been offering these services for many door types on many properties. Our highly trained and fully qualified team of engineers will know just how to proceed with your doors.

    We provide a free first examination for your Thatcham pedestrian automatic doors in order to gain a fuller understanding of your exact requirements. From this, depending upon the regularity with which your doors are used, the kind of property, and other factors, we will develop a bespoke maintenance strategy. The number of servicing visits performed every year will depend upon the above elements, but all plans are built to your budget.

    During our maintenance checks, if we find a small problem that can later become a significant problem, we will perform the required modifications. At Bolton Gate Services, we are here for the entire lifecycle of your doors, guaranteeing they are always running smoothly, functioning optimally, and remain compliant with health and safety guidelines.

    In the case of a breakdown, we are also available for efficient and fast repair services. We will be onsite within four hrs of your initial phone call to us with the instruments and replacement parts required to perform an essential first-time fix. There are many problems with automatic doors that we have fixed in the past, so you can rest assured knowing yours are in capable and safe hands.

    When it comes down to pedestrian automatic doors, Thatcham customers, we appreciate that you have plenty of alternatives available to you. We’re certain that the answers we’ve provided to the queries above should assure you that we’re the company you need to call. You simply can not match the quality of service provided by the team at Bolton Gate Services.

    No other provider can match us for our experience, the skills of our experienced and certified team, or the quality of the products we install. For professionalism that is second-to-none and an array of services that’ll cover the lifecycle of your doors, we’re the team to call concerning pedestrian automatic doors in Thatcham. For 24-hour support, call our Poole depot on 08085015480.

    A member of our staff will take down your name, phone number, and information concerning the nature of your request. For emergency calls, we’ll get somebody dispatched to you immediately. For planned services, will get you scheduled in at a date and time that’s convenient for you.

    However, if your inquiry is not an emergency and you ‘d simply like to make a general query, you can also connect to us by emailing us at This account is actively checked, and any kind of e-mails will be answered quickly by a member of our team. To ensure we can provide you with the best answers, please try to provide us with as much information and facts as you can.

    Finally, there’s one other way of getting in contact with us, and that’s to complete our online contact form. Simply enter your name, contact details, and inquiry, and we’ll respond to you as fast as possible. One last note– on our contact page, you’ll find details of our other depots located throughout the UK.