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    Traffic barriers have been in use for many years, and over time, have only continued to serve a broader variety of purposes. Ideal for security for facilities, parking spaces, and as level crossings, this sturdy barrier is excellent for many different properties. If you have been planning to invest in this popular entry type, then you need to reach out to a proven vendor.

    At Bolton Gate Services, we are pleased to offer the best traffic barriers Sway clients can get. Our team have put together a wide selection of traffic barriers that will match the requirements of all clients.

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    How Can You Benefit from Traffic Barriers?

    Traffic barriers have become an increasingly popular feature over time. More manageable in size than gates, and much more reasonably priced, Sway traffic barriers can be located at the entrance of car parks, surrounding restricted areas, and numerous other locations. These barriers offer an added level of security to any properties, as they prevent unwanted vehicles from getting in.

    The barriers themselves are comprised of a long pole and a control unit, both of which are of a durable build. Most traffic barriers are automated, meaning that they are unbelievably simple to use. However, hands-on alternatives exist, which are better suited to some properties. Whichever option you select, know that you’ll be getting a low maintenance unit that has been developed to last for many years.

    We have addressed a number of questions regarding the traffic barriers we offer throughout this web page, so be sure to have a read if you have any type of pressing queries.

    Why Choose Us for Sway Traffic Barriers?

    Here at Bolton Gate Services, we’ve been supplying all manner of entrance types for many years. All of our staff have a comprehensive understanding of our products and are confident in having the ability to install them correctly for customers. We work with speed and efficiency on all installation work and always execute extensive checks to guarantee that our work is up to scratch.

    We realise that the need for maintenance work, particularly for traffic barriers in Sway, is necessary. We’ve made certain that we’re available 24/7 every day of the year to provide top quality servicing and repair services for clients. Thanks to our depots being strategically positioned throughout the UK, we’re never more than four hrs away from your site.

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    If you ‘d like to take advantage of the best traffic barriers Sway has to offer, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Bolton Gate Services. Our staff are always ready to talk about our services in more detail, so make sure to give us a call on 08085015480 if you have any kind of further questions. Email questions to info@boltongateservices.com, and we’ll reply promptly.

    Traffic barriers have been in use for numerous years, and over time, have only continued to serve a broader variety of purposes. Our team have put together a broad selection of traffic barriers that will fit the requirements of all customers. More manageable in size than gates, and much more reasonably priced, Sway traffic barriers can be located at the entrance of car parks, surrounding limited areas, and countless other places. We understand that the need for upkeep job, particularly for traffic barriers in Sway, is essential. If you ‘d like to take advantage of the finest traffic barriers Sway has to offer, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Bolton Gate Services.

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    What is a traffic barrier?

    What is a Traffic Barrier?

    Frequently confused with the barriers you see at the roadside, traffic barriers, Sway customers, are also referred to as boom barriers or boom gates. They are characterised as a bar or pole that’s pivoted to allow the boom to obstruct accessibility to cars and pedestrians. They are frequently situated at control points where entrance needs to be controlled.

    When a motor vehicle or pedestrian approaches and access is allowed, the pole rises in a vertical arc. Usual setups for these traffic barriers in Sway consist of paired, end-to-end or offset, which helps to block traffic coming in either direction.

    Our Sway traffic barriers team have many years of experiencing setting up these types of entryways. Barriers are essential for controlling access and are often found installed on properties where restricted access is required.

    They are also frequently found installed at car parks. They are usually activated going in by pressing a button that dispenses a card. You pay using the card at an applicable terminal once you’re ready to leave. On exiting, the card is inserted opening the exit boom. Only a valid, paid-for card is accepted in these situations. This is just one illustration of what a traffic barrier would be used for.

    Frequently confused with the barriers you see at the roadside, traffic barriers, Sway customers, are also referred to as boom barriers or boom gates. Typical arrangements for these traffic barriers in Sway consist of paired, end-to-end or offset, which helps to block traffic coming in either direction.

    Our Sway traffic barriers specialists have numerous years of experiencing installing these types of entrances.

    Where should you use a traffic barrier?

    Where Should You Use a Traffic Barrier?

    This question occurs more regularly than you ’d think. We’re regularly asked especially where the most suitable place to place a boom barrier is. The fact is, there are numerous areas which could benefit from traffic barriers, Sway clients. Most commonly, these barriers can be found at level crossings, drawbridges, vehicle parking entryways, facilities, as well as checkpoints to areas which are restricted.

    This is mainly because as well as denying access to restricted areas, boom gates also act as a safety and security feature. At crossings, as an example, they lower into place whenever a train is approaching, preventing vehicles and pedestrians from wandering out and getting hit. Traffic barriers are often found at toll booths as well as motorway entry ramps. Here they can be lowered to manage access in case of an accident.

    In some built-up areas, traffic barriers can even be used as traffic calming measures, lowered across urban streets to help slow the flow of traffic. Commonly, whenever they are used, they are designed to permit automated access for emergency vehicles, such as ambulances and fire engines. As you can see from the above information, traffic barriers in Sway have a great deal of uses associated with them.

    Here at Bolton Gate Services, regardless of your demands, you can rely on us to be there to install, maintain, and service your traffic barriers, Sway clients. We can set up barriers on practically any property, and for almost any type of requirement. To get started, simply give us a call today.

    Can traffic barriers be serviced or maintained?

    Can Traffic Barriers be Serviced or Maintained?

    Put simply, yes, traffic barriers can be both maintained and serviced. However, it’s less a question of can they be maintained and more one of who should do it? In order for your traffic barriers in Sway to stay in best condition, you must have them seen to regularly by a certified team. The good news is, we at Bolton Gate Services have staff with the expertise, skill, as well as experience to do the job.

    We understand that each set of traffic barriers is a little different and that there isn’t a single fix to the issues experienced by all customers. As such, we always deal with each customer in a different way, taking on board their unique enquiries to come up with an optimal solution. You can expect our team to be clear, concise and also understanding whenever you reach out to them for help with your traffic barriers.

    It’s no use only having your traffic barriers serviced once every 5 years as this simply isn’t enough. We at Bolton Gate Services adapt our solution strategies to the needs of each client.

    It is worth noting that it is, in fact, a legal requirement to have regular maintenance executed on your traffic barriers. Sway clients can rest assured that our team will provide a Yellow Door Wallet, which can be presented to insurance companies as confirmation of upkeep.

    Why should you have a traffic barrier?

    Why Should You Have a Traffic Barrier?

    We’re often asked what the advantages of traffic barriers actually are. Traffic barriers, Sway clients, or boom barriers are actually a very beneficial feature that’ll provide you with lots of advantages.

    You can utilize traffic barriers in Sway to limit access when the car park is full if your commercial property has limited parking area. These barriers can be used to prevent a vehicle from leaving without paying for their ticket. Such an attribute negates the requirement for a car parking assistant as payment can be managed by an on-site payment machine. The barrier will permit a car to leave as soon as a valid, paid-for ticket has been inserted.

    Alternatively, having a barrier prevents drivers from utilizing your car park without any intent of utilising your services. Traffic barriers, Sway customers, also provide added privacy.

    If you’re looking into adding a gate, a traffic barrier is a far better option. It doesn’t occupy as much space as a swinging or sliding gate. Plus, if you lose power, the boom gate can still be manually operated.

    Traffic barriers, Sway customers, or boom barriers are actually a really beneficial feature that’ll provide you with lots of benefits. If your industrial property has limited vehicle parking area, you can make use of traffic barriers in Sway to limit access when the car park is full. Traffic barriers, Sway clients, likewise provide added privacy.

    What are the key features of traffic barriers?

    What Are the Key Elements of Traffic Barriers?

    This is a rather easy question to answer as the truth is, traffic barriers, Sway clients, don’t really include many elements. They are a fairly simple kind of entry, minimalist in design yet very efficient at taking care of the flow of traffic while providing privacy and security. Unlike sliding and swinging gates, they do not occupy much space because of their slim profile.

    The greatest element of traffic barriers in Sway is the pole, alternatively known as the bar or boom. The pole is generally painted white and red to make it stand out to approaching traffic. Typically, a second boom is mounted below that resembles a flat panel of sorts. This is designed to increase versatility and folds up as the pole is elevated.

    The second feature is a basic metallic stand that usually sits to the right of the control box. This functions as a means of supporting the pole when it’s shut, therefore, preventing the pole from exerting pressure on the hinge end / or collapsing. Finally, the control box, typically located on the left-hand side, is where all the electronics for the barrier are housed. This is the component that would generally be the primary focus of our service and repair teams.

    At Bolton Gate Services, we’re intimately familiar with all the vital elements of traffic barriers. Sway customers can have full assurances that when they choose to call our experts, they’ll be dealing with a team of competent specialists.

    How reliable are traffic barriers?

    How Reliable Are Traffic Barriers?

    We’re regularly asked this question, and the answer is that traffic barriers, Sway clients, are very reliable. No matter how stormy things get, your barriers will not let you down.

    In terms of usage, there is a myriad of ways to operate automated traffic barriers. In Sway, clients of Bolton Gate Services can go with push-button, remote control, RFID tags/ RFID reader, loop detectors, optoelectronic sensors, or any other third-party device. With so many ways to control them, you can have yours configured to work just the way you want it.

    Additionally, if an automated barrier ought to ever stop working, there’s a manual override which can be used to close the boom and open. Such convenience means that traffic barriers, Sway customers, can be used even in case of a power failure. So, those that need to gain access somewhere still can, and those inside say, a parking lot, won’t find themselves stuck inside.

    The integrity of boom barriers is primarily down to their electro-mechanical design. As a result, traffic barriers in Sway are low-maintenance and can be depended on in a variety of various situations.

    Are traffic barriers simple to install?

    Are Traffic Barriers Simple to Install?

    This is yet another question that we get asked on a regular basis here at Bolton Gate Services, and again there is a simple answer; yes, they are simple to install if the staff has the knowhow. Well, our expert team definitely have the understanding experience to make the setup of traffic barriers, Sway customers, look easy and simple.

    We have worked on many properties over the years, installing many different types of traffic barriers, so we will know exactly how to proceed with your installation. As these barriers are such simple pieces of equipment, with minimal amount of features or moving parts, they are simpler to install than one might originally think, particularly when compared to various other entrance barriers such as gates.

    Many traffic barriers in Sway can be installed as either manual or automated, but both are simple to install. While a manually run barrier is a lot easier to install due to its simplicity, an automated system doesn’t require that much more effort. The main post, with the mechanism to work the pole, simply needs to be secured firmly to the mechanism and the ground connected.

    This is all something that our professional team have years of experience in implementing. When you come to Bolton Gate Services for your Sway traffic barriers, we can have yours installed and ready to go in no time at all. Plus, we work to your timetable to make the installation even simpler for you, guaranteeing there is minimal disruption to your everyday operations.

    So, when you need barriers installed, you now know where to go.

    Are traffic barriers easy to operate?

    Are Traffic Barriers Easy to Run?

    One of the questions we are most frequently asked is exactly how easy is it to run traffic barriers? Simply put, traffic barriers require little effort on the part of the user, and because of this, are near effortless to run. Thanks to the automatic function of most traffic barriers, you do not even require to consider going through this kind of entrance.

    Automatic traffic barriers, Sway clients, make up the majority of the modern market. These units will have specialised mechanisms set up that suggests it is not essential for someone to operate the barrier when it is required. If you’re driving a vehicle towards the barrier, and it is authorised to pass through, the pole will be raised by the control box unit, permitting you to pass through.

    If your automatic feature is not working for whatever reason, or your model just does not have one, then manual override is also incredibly simple to operate. As opposed to needing to lift the pole feature of the unit on your own, you’ll need only to open the control box and run the barrier from there. This is an extremely easy procedure that can be instructed to any member of staff that is responsible for making sure that the barrier is working appropriately.

    At Bolton Gate Services, we know the value of both automatic and manual traffic barriers, which is why we offer a broad choice of both. They will advise you on which choice would be most suitable for your needs when you consult with our team.

    Are traffic barriers durable?

    Are Traffic Barriers Durable?

    Traffic barriers, Sway clients, are extremely durable and multifunctional, which is why they’re an absolute need to at busy storage facilities and distribution centres. There are two crucial ways to guarantee that they stay durable and have a long service life.

    The very first is selecting a dependable installation business with a proven history of excellence that can source systems from a known manufacturer who only makes use of high-grade source materials. There are several operations for modern traffic barriers in Sway, so customisability is always an alternative.

    The second essential aspect of having traffic barriers Sway business owners must know is proper maintenance. This is where Bolton Gate Services comes in to help and ensure that the barriers last for many years to come without failing!

    Anything automatic or remote-controlled has to be checked on a regular basis by qualified engineers to make certain optimal operation all the time, whether that’s roller shutters, automatic pedestrian doors or traffic barriers.

    Sway clients can put their trust in Bolton Gate Services as we have many years of experience in the business. We’re able to react to immediate requests in just a few hours in case your barriers have suffered impact damages or all of a sudden malfunctioned.

    The best way to keep this from taking place in the first place, though, is registering for one of our competitively priced maintenance packages. This procedure would involve one of our skilled specialists visiting the premises at a convenient time to check the systems and detect any kind of possible issues before they even arise.

    When any of their systems stop working as this can lead to compromised safety and possibly lost revenue, it’s undoubtedly not ideal for company owners. With Bolton Gate Services by your side, you will never have to worry about this again!

    If you’re convinced that we’re the best choice for traffic barriers, Sway customers shouldn’t hesitate to contact us at Bolton Gate Services today. Our team are always happy to talk about our purchasing options in more detail, so make sure to reach out if you ‘d like to take advantage. We can advise you on which traffic barriers would be best for your site and arrange a convenient date upon which to visit and have them installed.

    Our team are always available to reach over the phone on 08085015480, so be sure to give them a call if you have any kind of specific queries. We will always listen to your query carefully and do our best to advise on the next best course of action. This will be the case whether you need help with buying new barriers or require emergency maintenance or repair work.

    You can contact our team via email at info@boltongateservices.com, or by filling out our online contact form. We can then get back to you with the required information and even schedule for our staff to visit your site if necessary.

    Remember, we’re available 24/7, 365 days a year, so no matter what your query is, we can assist whenever it is required. Our staff will always be clear, concise, and friendly when you reach out, so you can expect nothing but the best service whenever you call us.