Steel Hinged Doors

Steel hinged doors are a common feature of many business properties thanks to their ease of use and durability. Many companies rely on the smooth operation of these doors, so it is essential that they are regularly maintained to avoid disruptive breakdowns. It is for this reason that many people reach out to us at Bolton Gate Services, your local door maintenance company.

Our team are capable of carrying out both maintenance and repair work on steel hinged doors. We have depots strategically placed all over the country, so we’re never more than four hours away if you require work to be done. This proximity, as well as our twenty-four-hour availability, makes us the first choice contractor for many clients.

To ensure that this doesn’t happen, enlist the expertise of Bolton Gate Services by calling us on 08009178583.

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    The Importance of Having
    Steel Hinged Doors Maintained Regularly

    One of the main reasons that businesses invest in steel hinged doors is because their heavy-duty build makes them perfect for security needs. If you’ve had problems with trespassers in the past, these doors are sure to deter them in the future.

    Steel hinged doors are also an excellent choice for companies that wish to prevent elemental damage. Wooden doors, or those of a weaker build, are susceptible to water damage and more.

    Due to the important roles these doors play in everyday business, it can be detrimental if a problem should arise with them. Without regular maintenance, steel hinged doors can develop issues that take longer to resolve and require costly repairs. To avoid such breakdowns in the first place, many companies hire our team at Bolton Gate Services to take care of their entranceways.

    It is for this reason that steel hinged doors are a popular feature in warehouses and other properties where goods or equipment are stored.

    It’s a legal requirement to have your steel hinged doors regularly serviced. Bolton Gate Services has many affordable service packages available, so don’t hesitate to get in touch for a free quote.

    Fast and Effective Repairs you can Rely on

    Broken drive chain?
    Manually operated spring failure?
    A full-on crash?

    When you first contact our team for maintenance work, they’ll schedule in a convenient date to visit your site. Once there, we’ll assess the state of your steel hinged doors and see if there are any areas that require work to be done. Our vans double-up as mobile workshops, so we’ll be able to begin the maintenance work straight away.

    If a breakdown has already occurred, we will be at your site as soon as possible to carry out the necessary repair work. Our staff realise how important it is for this work to be completed quickly, so we’ll work with both speed and efficiency. To ensure that similar issues don’t occur again, we’ll futureproof your steel hinged doors to prevent further damage.

    Why Choose Bolton Gate Services for work on Steel Hinged Doors?

    We at Bolton Gate Services have been successfully carrying out maintenance work on steel hinged doors for many years. Our excellent work has led to us building up an enviable reputation throughout the industry, as well as a loyal client base.

    There are many benefits that come with choosing our team for door servicing work. You can always expect us to deliver:

    • Personalised Service
    • Effective Maintenance Work
    • Lasting Repairs
    • Quick and Efficient Work Approach
    • Outstanding Customer Service
    • And More!

    You can reach out to us on the phone by calling 08082 397 148 or send an email to, where we’ll endeavour to get back to you shortly.

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