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Steel hinged Doors Repair

Does your company have steel hinged doors? Would you like to make sure that these steel hinged doors receive the best repair and maintenance services available in the UK? Then use Bolton Gate, the number one industrial and commercial steel hinged doors repair and maintenance company in all of the UK.

Steel hinged doors  Steel hinged Doors Repair

There are many benefits to implementing the installation of Bolton Gate steel hinged doors onto your industrial or commercial property. One of the main benefits is that your company will save hundreds of pounds every year after installing steel hinged doors. You will no longer have the expensive of paying for alarm and security systems, and you will also save money on your energy bills as steel hinged doors are excellent draught sealants.

Steel hinged door installation

Does your company need to use industrial strength doors to protect its contents? Are the current doors on your premises just not providing the high-level of security that you need? If you have wooden doors, old doors, or doors that are weak; then contact Bolton Gate to replace your ineffective doors with steel hinged doors. You won’t find better steel hinged doors on the UK market when you choose Bolton Gate to fabricate and set up these doors for your company.

Steel hinged doors maintenance

Once you’ve invested in Bolton Gate steel hinged doors, you will need a regular maintenance service. It is imperative that your steel hinged doors receive a repair and maintenance service at least once a year, to ensure that they are working to their full capacity, and that they comply with all health and safety requirements.

When you use Bolton Gate to repair and maintain your steel hinged doors, our team will check that the following aspects of your doors are working successfully:

  • Strength and durable
  • Fireproofed
  • Energy effective
  • Tough and long lasting
  • Visually pleasing
  • Silent and don’t make strange sounds

If any of these features aren’t working correctly, our team will repair the aspect quickly and professionally. Your steel hinged doors will never be out of action for long, when you choose our Bolton Gate doors repair service.

Why choose Bolton Gate for your steel hinged doors repairs

Make sure that your steel hinged doors are functioning as effectively as they possible can be, and let Bolton Gate complete our maintenance and repair service on a regular basis. We will always make sure that all of the reasons and benefits you’ve chosen steel hinged doors are properly upheld, so these doors continue to function as well as they should for years to come.

When you choose Bolton Gate to perform our steel hinged doors repair services, not only will you receive decades of experience and knowledge from our team, you will also be entitled to our nationwide 24 hour emergency service. Anytime, day or night, when your steel hinged doors need any kind of emergency repair service, give our team a call on 08009178583. We will be on your premises within four hours to fix the issue, no matter where you are based in the UK.

Contact Bolton Gate today

To give your property the correct level of security that your company deserves, use Bolton Gate for all your steel hinged doors repair and maintenance services. To arrange for your free, no-obligation quote, call us today on 08009178583, and let Bolton Gate take care of your steel hinged doors.



Our highly skilled certified engineers are all trained in compliance with current Health and Safety legislation for your peace of mind.

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