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    Automatic entrance doors are a typical fixture found on many commercial and even some industrial properties worldwide. They are most commonly used as pedestrian entrances as their automated function allows for total ease-of-use, particularly in high-traffic areas. And if you’re looking for a reputable, national company that offers a complete service when it comes to pedestrian automatic doors, Leeds clients should look no further than us.

    Here at Bolton Gate Services, we have the knowledge to not only install pedestrian automatic doors in Leeds but also repair and service them. We’ll ensure your doors always remain in top condition.

    Here to Assist You with Your Pedestrian Automatic Doors, Leeds Clients

    Over the decades, our Leeds pedestrian automatic doors experts have been called on to assist numerous customers with their entrance doors. Our skills and expertise are matched only by our experience. We provide not only the best mobile services, but also upkeep, and installation services which are second-to-none.

    Our engineers, each of whom have been trained to a minimum standard of NVQ Level 2, will assist you on every project. They’ll be the ones conducting essential checks and repairing your pedestrian automatic doors, Leeds clients. And the solutions we provide are always bespoke, customized to the client’s requirements and also budget. This is critical as doors in high-traffic locations will see more usage. It is also a legal obligation to maintain your doors functioning safely at all times.

    And as we’ve pointed out already, if you need assistance with a broken set of pedestrian automatic doors, in Leeds, you can call us 24/7/365!

    Why Choose Bolton Gate Services?

    Here at Bolton Gate Services, we have decades of experience and a plethora of knowledge that makes us the obvious choice for pedestrian automatic doors. Leeds is not just the only location we cover. Our coverage is nationwide, so you can call us regardless of where you’re located. We boast an experienced engineering team who are all fully trained as well as qualified.

    As well as being the leading Leeds pedestrian automatic doors specialists, we can also assist with various other doors, gates, barriers, as well as shutters, including:

    • Fire Shutter Doors
    • Sliding Door Systems
    • High-Speed Doors
    • Gates for Lifts
    • Traffic Barriers
    • And More!

    We understand that no clients have precisely the same demands, therefore we never provide a “one-size-fits-all” sort of service. Instead, when it comes down to pedestrian automatic doors, Leeds clients can expect a fully bespoke service from the get-go. From setup to servicing and repairs, we’re with you for the whole lifecycle of your doors.

    It pays to always work with a team you can trust, and with Bolton Gate Services, you know you’ve happened upon just such a team. We’re accredited by organisations that include Safecontractor, CHAS, ADIA, and the DHF. Such endorsements should provide you with all the guarantees you need to get in touch with us.

    If you wish to get started, call the number one pedestrian automatic doors Leeds experts – Bolton Gate Services. Phone us on 08085015480 to find out more or to schedule a visit.

    And if you’re looking for a trusted, national firm that offers a complete service when it comes to pedestrian automatic doors, Leeds customers should look no further than us.

    Here at Bolton Gate Services, we have the expertise to not only install pedestrian automatic doors in Leeds but also repair and service them. Over the years, our Leeds pedestrian automatic doors experts have been called on to aid many clients with their entrance doors. They’ll be the ones carrying out essential checks and fixing your pedestrian automatic doors, Leeds customers. Instead, when it comes to pedestrian automatic doors, Leeds customers can expect a completely bespoke service from the outset.

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    What Are Pedestrian Automatic Doors?

    What Are Pedestrian Automatic Doors?

    Pedestrian automatic doors, Leeds customers, are commonly used doors for commercial and public properties. They open and close automatically, using motion sensors to tell when someone is approaching the door, from both outside and inside the property. They can come in a range of forms, including sliding, swing and revolving.

    All Leeds pedestrian automatic doors are manufactured to be accessible for everybody and they help control the circulation of pedestrian traffic. They offer huge benefit, particularly for individuals who don’t have their hands free to open the door when they approach it. Automatic doors can help keep temperature.

    Due to the quick opening and closing nature of these doors, you can prevent stormy and chilly weather from filtering into the building. When shut, it will protect your workers, customers, and any equipments within the vicinity. Keep in mind that you can adapt them to fulfill your technical specifications if you are looking to put in some automatic pedestrian doors.

    Here at Bolton Gate Services, we can help keep your doors in a good condition. We boast a team of engineers that are greatly experienced and specialise in commercial and industrial doors. To make sure that your systems stay in working order, we can arrange a routine maintenance scheme that includes routine checks. This way we can flag up any kind of potential problems and prevent you from having to pay for a costly repair work in the future. You can also take full advantage of our emergency callout service, which operates 24/7!

    What Are the Benefits of Pedestrian Automatic Doors?

    What are the benefits of Pedestrian Automatic Doors?

    You will find there are many perks to using pedestrian automatic doors, Leeds customers. One such perk, which is particularly valuable right now because of COVID-19, is that they help prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. These doors open on their own and need no contact with the public, meaning germs can not be spread as the doors won’t need to be touched.

    Additionally, as they open automatically, these doors will make your premises easily accessible to those with specials needs, the elderly, and also those with small children and pushchairs. Any business or property ought to be accessible to everyone, and with these doors installed, yours will be.

    Leeds, pedestrian automatic doors are especially effective in locations where the amount of foot traffic is high. And also, if your property is on the smaller side, having a series of sliding automatic doors installed will maximise the available space.

    One advantage which stands apart from the rest, however, is that the installment of these doors can save you money. Because they normally reduce the amount of energy you are wasting, this is. They solely open when somebody is exiting or entering, meaning they stay closed the rest of the time, maintaining warm air inside and cool air outside, or vice versa in the summertime. You will be paying less for your heating bills or air conditioning.

    Will Pedestrian Automatic Doors Make My Business More Accessible for Disabled People?

    Do Pedestrian Automatic Doors Make my Business Accessible for Disabled People?

    The short answer to this question is that yes indeed, pedestrian automatic doors, Leeds customers, do help make your building accessible to disabled individuals. No one needs to physically open the door, allowing wheelchair users as well as those with accessibility problems easy access through the door.

    The addition of an automatic door on its own isn’t enough to make your business accessible for disabled individuals. You may have pedestrian automatic doors in Leeds, but if they are at the top of a set of steps, they will not be much help.

    Because of this, you need to guarantee that you assess the location in which your doors are being mounted and consider whether disabled people will be able to easily access the doors. In some cases, you might need to look into the addition of ramps as well as railings to make certain your doors, and therefore your building, remain easily accessible.

    It is crucial to have routine maintenance checks carried out on your doors, something we can assist with at Bolton Gate Services. The last thing you need is for your Leeds pedestrian automatic doors to stop working, as this makes accessibility much harder. With our team of engineers on hand to assist, however, we can ensure your doors continue to work optimally, allowing easy access to everyone.

    Are Pedestrian Automatic Doors Safe?

    Are Pedestrian Automatic Doors Safe?

    The safety of any kind of high-powered automatic door is dependent on its components as well as the way in which it has been installed. In general, pedestrian automatic doors, Leeds customers, are safe for daily usage.

    They need to be set up correctly for this to remain the case. Our team will make sure that safety devices are completely functional. It is vital that the motion sensors incorporated into the doors are operating properly or else your Leeds pedestrian automatic doors can pose a hazard.

    Once installed properly, it depends on you to ensure that your doors are frequently inspected. Here at Bolton Gate Services, we provide tailored upkeep plans, meaning that we can examine your systems as often as you would like. Every engineer under our umbrella is well versed in health and safety legislation, so you can trust us to ensure that your doors adhere to the legislation requirements.

    If your automatic doors are not up to code, you could face a financial penalty and it could invalidate your insurance. Feel confident that if an unforeseen failure or malfunction takes place, we will get on your site within 4 hrs of your telephone call. We operate an emergency call out service that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. It is always our endeavour to perform a first-time fix.

    Where Can You Get Pedestrian Automatic Doors From?

    Where Can You Get Pedestrian Automatic Doors From?

    Bolton Gate Services is the leading option for maintaining, repairing as well as servicing pedestrian automatic doors. Leeds business owners can depend on our rapid service and more than 30 years of hands-on market experience.

    At Bolton Gate Services, we don’t supply first-time installations but once you’ve had the doors installed by a team of professionals, we are here to care for them. We provide the most effective response times in the business, so you don’t have to bother with unnecessary downtime as well as lost income!

    In the huge majority of circumstances we get called out for in the Leeds area, we will certainly have every little thing that we require to get your pedestrian automatic doors functioning once again. In case there are any kind of parts or units that require to be ordered in, we’re going to implement that crucial first-time repair and see to it that the properties are safe for everyone.

    While it’s uncommon, there are scenarios where the issue isn’t solvable as well as the doors require to be replaced– usually because of sudden impact damage from a moving car. We’re going to be your group of choice as we have actually established up a lot of valuable sector contacts over the years if this occurs.

    Here at Bolton Gate Services, our company know just how annoying it can be when your doors experience an issue, so we’re here to make sure that everything is running perfectly at all times. The best way for you to assure this is by signing up for one of our affordable maintenance packages today!

    What do I need to consider when installing new Pedestrian Automatic Doors?

    What do I Need to Consider When Installing New Pedestrian Automatic Doors?

    There are many aspects to take into account when having new pedestrian automatic doors installed. As these doors are such a substantial financial investment, you want to make sure that the model you buy is of a high enough standard and is suitable for your property. The first thing to take into consideration would be whether your property would gain from the addition of an automatic entrance door. Read on if the answer is yes.

    The next point to think of regarding pedestrian automatic doors, Leeds customers, is the quality. It is here where the importance of having a dependable vendor becomes clear, as it is essential that the doors you purchase have been crafted utilising the finest materials available. The kind of doors you require will also factor into your purchasing decision, as there is a variety of models to select from. Consider whether your building would benefit from swing or sliding automatic doors.

    Arguably, the most significant thing to consider when investing in pedestrian automatic doors is who will fit them for you. You must reach out to an established supplier that is renowned for installing doors competently. It is here where we at Bolton Gate Services come in, as we have been operating throughout Leeds for many years and have become accustomed to fitting automatic doors.

    Last but not least, you will need to think long-term before investing in pedestrian automatic doors. Leeds clients will need to consider their maintenance choices and learn how to look after their new doors appropriately. It is here where we at Bolton Gate Services can help once more, as we offer 24/7 maintenance and repair services to all clients.

    Which is better, a wing or sliding automatic door?

    Which is Better; a Swing or Sliding Automatic Door?

    All automatic doors aren’t the same; actually, there are two different versions: swing and sliding pedestrian automatic doors. Leeds clients, while both doors are well-suited to certain scenarios, technically, sliding doors do have the edge. That’s not to say that swing doors are a bad financial investment, yet in particular situations, you may want to consider sliding doors over swing doors. Feel confident that our team will always ensure that your building is equipped with the best doors for the job.

    Sliding pedestrian automatic doors. In Leeds, these are in fact one of the most favored options and are most typically seen around town. They are particularly useful for smaller buildings with limited space as when open, they slide across, using up no floor space either in front or behind the door. Swing doors by comparison “swing” in an outward direction, requiring additional clearance when the door is opening.

    With swing doors, there’s also a higher risk of accidents. If this is an issue that you feel could be commonplace in your case, a sliding door may be a far better selection. The reason is that swing doors “swing” outwards when opening up. A hold-up in the sensing unit registering a person approaching could result in the door failing to open. To be fair, this concern is rare can easily be prevented by merely keeping up with regular servicing, which you ought to be doing anyway as it is a legal obligation.

    Visually, both swing and sliding pedestrian automatic doors, Leeds clients, look wonderful. If you’re seeking to make your entrance look modern, professional, and inviting, either option will achieve this effortlessly. And, in terms of ease of access, both choices are very capable of providing hands-free access.

    How Safe are Pedestrian Automatic Doors?

    How Safe Are Pedestrian Automatic Doors?

    It’s totally reasonable for you to be concerned about the safety of pedestrian automatic doors, Leeds business owners. The great news is that our doors the safest options around and are completely compliant with health and safety.

    Our doors are built in compliance with the European Standard BS EN 16005 which all doors have been bound by since April 2013. This code relates to the safety of pedestrian automatic doors in Leeds, primarily, their use by the public and workers. These doors pass extensive health and safety checks and are mounted by licensed professionals following a risk analysis and health assessment.

    As with many modern-day doors, our pedestrian automatic doors, Leeds customers, come with several safety features too. These consist of safety sensors, timers, controlled access, and so on. If an obstacle is detected obstructing the threshold, Safety sensors are a typical attribute that stops the doors from shutting. This is particularly essential for slow-moving people that might take a little longer to go through the doors.

    Of course, there are times when automatic doors can not be rendered unsafe. This typically takes place when doors are misused, poorly maintained, and allowed to fall into a state of disrepair. So long as you keep to your legal obligations and make sure your doors are frequently serviced, this should never be an issue. Our Leeds pedestrian automatic doors team can assist you with this.

    And remember, should an issue ever occur that needs immediate attention, our mobile services are available 24/7/365. Call us, and we’ll be on-site in just 4 hours.

    It’s entirely reasonable for you to be concerned about the safety of pedestrian automatic doors, Leeds business owners. Our doors are constructed in compliance with the European Standard BS EN 16005 which all doors have been bound by since April 2013. As with countless modern doors, our pedestrian automatic doors, Leeds clients, come with many safety attributes too.

    What is the Maximum Size of a Pedestrian Automatic Door?

    What is the Maximum Size of a Pedestrian Automatic Doors?

    We’ve already pointed out that the type of pedestrian automatic entrance door you need will depend on the requirements of your building. Many customers, as a result, want to know how large automatic doors can get.

    The maximum size for pedestrian automatic doors, Leeds clients, is 8m in width. While this may seem like a huge amount of space, the doors won’t seem to use up way too much room once they’ve been fitted into your property. If you believe that you’ll require large doors, it’s worth measuring your proposed space to see if you’ll have room.

    As 8m is the maximum width, any other smaller sizes can be custom-made to accommodate the needs of companies. There are, of course, advantages to having big automatic doors; particularly, that bigger doors will make it possible for more people to go through into your building at a time. Size, like a lot of various other aspects of automatic doors, is down to personal preference and the size door you select will, essentially, depend on what’s best for your building.

    At Bolton Gate Services, we have a variety of pedestrian automatic doors. Leeds clients will be able to browse through a selection of sizes in order to find a door type that is appropriate for their premises. Our staff would be delighted to talk to you to review your requirements and make recommendations based on the door size that would be best for your property.

    Do You Offer Service or Maintenance of Pedestrian Automatic Doors

    Do You Offer Service or Maintenance of Pedestrian Automatic Doors?

    It is for this reason that servicing and maintenance are important for all services with these types of doors. At Bolton Gate Services, we’re thrilled to be readily available for servicing and maintenance at all times!

    At Bolton Gate Services, we understand that the need for servicing and maintenance can arise at any time. It is for this reason that we’ve made certain to be readily available 24/7. Our team can take your call whenever needed and will schedule with you a convenient day upon which to visit your site and carry out work. Thanks to our depots being purposefully positioned all around the UK, we’re never more than 4 hours away from your site.

    We’ll start with a thorough examination of your pedestrian automatic doors when we arrive at your property. Leeds customers can expect our team to immediately pinpoint any areas of your entryway that require maintenance and get to work on repairing them as soon as possible. Our staff operate with speed and efficiency at all times, so you can expect very little disruption as they work to get your doors back in top-notch condition.

    We understand that at times simple maintenance work isn’t enough and that extensive repairs are needed. In these circumstances, our team will head out to your site as soon as possible and provide you with a quick, effective, and long lasting repair.

    When it comes down to pedestrian automatic doors, Leeds customers, we understand that you have numerous options available to you. We’re certain that the answers we’ve provided to the inquiries above should convince you that we’re the provider you need to call. You simply can not match the quality of service provided by the team at Bolton Gate Services.

    No other agency can match us for our experience, the skills of our qualified and experienced team, or the quality of the goods we install. For professionalism that is second-to-none and an array of services that’ll cover the lifecycle of your doors, we’re the company to call regarding pedestrian automatic doors in Leeds. For 24-hour support, call our Poole depot on 08085015480.

    A member of our staff will take down your name, phone number, and information concerning the nature of your request. For emergency phone calls, we’ll get someone dispatched to you immediately. For scheduled services, will get you scheduled in at a date and time that’s convenient for you.

    However, if your request is not an emergency and you ‘d simply like to make a general enquiry, you can also connect to us by emailing us at south.east@boltongateservices.co.uk. This account is actively checked, and any kind of emails will be replied to swiftly by a member of our team. To guarantee we can provide you with the correct answers, please try to provide us with as much information as you can.

    There’s one other way of getting in contact with us, and that’s to fill out our online contact form. Simply enter your name, contact information, and inquiry, and we’ll respond to you as fast as possible. One last note– on our contact page, you’ll find details of our other depots situated all over the UK.