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High speed doors

Are you on the hunt for high speed doors repair and maintenance? We have a team that are highly skilled in the field of repair and maintenance to an array of industry specialist doors. Our company will send an elite team of experts out to customers, who deliver a time-efficient service to the repair and maintenance of high speed doors.

The best repair and maintenance for high speed doors High speed doors

Here at Bolton Gate Services, we understand the importance of high quality repair for high speed doors. It is imperative that the quality of high speed door damage repair is of the highest, for the protection of both staff and materials.

Our company boasts over 12 depots nationwide, so that our team of experts can get to your site within an incredible 4-hour timescale.  The team at Bolton Gate Services takes great pride in our ability to deliver a high speed door repair service that typically only requires one visit. The teams arrive on site with a range of repair materials to address any problem you may have with your high speed doors.

Bolton Gate Services offer individual packages to suit the budget requirements for any client looking for high speed doors repair and maintenance. Once the job has been completed, we will stay in contact and provide regular checks to ensure that your high speed door has been repaired and is maintained to the highest possible standard.

Our company will also make sure that all issues relating to your high speed doors are dealt with first hand. This is to help prolong the working life of your high speed door as well as avoid any further damage or future repair work.

Additional details on high speed doors

Our company will do all that we can to get a team of skilled experts to address your high speed door repair within a 4 hour turnaround from when initial contact is made. Our teams are dispatched from 1 of 12 depots that are scattered around the country in areas strategic to the task at hand.

The maintenance teams at Bolton Gate Services provide regular inspections to ensure that your high speed door works correctly. Our teams check that all repair work to your high speed door has been executed to the highest standard, using only the best equipment to ensure that the repair lasts.

Why Bolton Gate Services are the best choice

Our skilled team are a fantastic choice for your high speed door repair and maintenance work. Every task is addressed individually with problems being addressed on the phone to assess if a call out team is needed.

By establishing the problem immediately, Bolton Gate Services are saving you the time and money if call out isn’t necessary for your high speed door repair. With many years of experience in the industry, we remain the first choice for customers that need their high speed doors repaired quickly and effectively.


Get in touch today with the team at Bolton Gate Services for a complete repair and maintenance service for your high speed doors.


Our highly skilled certified engineers are all trained in compliance with current Health and Safety legislation for your peace of mind.

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