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    Have you been searching for a new set of doors that will make your property a lot more easily accessible? Want a model that is convenient for both site visitors as well as staff members? You need to consider pedestrian automatic doors. Hardley companies have been making use of these doors for a long time and have enjoyed the many benefits they offer.

    At Bolton Gate Services, we’re pleased to offer interested parties a broad selection of pedestrian automatic doors. Hardley clients can choose from a range of different models, every one of which can be professionally set up by our team of specialists. When you pick us as your pedestrian automatic doors supplier, you can expect to take advantage of the following benefits:

    • 24/7 Emergency Call-Out Service.
    • Swift Installation.
    • Comprehensive Servicing.
    • Efficient Repairs.
    • Professional Advice.
    • Excellent Customer Service.

    Our team are always willing to go through queries from potential clients, so don’t hesitate to call us on 08085015480 , if you need more information.


    Why Invest in Pedestrian Automatic Doors?

    Pedestrian automatic doors have continued to increase in popularity throughout the years, mostly down to the many benefits they provide. Businesses that purchase these practical, easy to use and quality-built doors can expect greater convenience for staff members and clients, protection from adverse weather, and much-improved security. With minimal upkeep required, these doors are a solid investment for bustling establishments that see a lot of visitors daily.

    It is because of the advantages summarized above that organizations from a variety of sectors continue to invest in pedestrian automatic doors. Both the winged and sliding door options are available for business owners, with each model having distinctive benefits. A team such as ours at Bolton Gate Services is happy to advise customers on which type of door would be suitable for their business.

    We have addressed some of the questions we’re most commonly asked about pedestrian automatic doors on our website, so do not hesitate to have a browse if you ‘d like to find out more.

    Why Choose Our Team?

    We at Bolton Gate Services have been supplying high-quality doors of all types for years, including pedestrian automatic doors. Our team ensure to only supply doors that have been quality-checked thoroughly and have been crafted using the finest materials available. All of our staff have an extensive knowledge of the doors we offer, so they’re confident in being able to recommend all clients sufficiently.

    We can perform swift, straightforward, and efficient setup work to get your new doors up and running in no time. What’s more, we also offer 24/7 repair and maintenance solutions, so that clients in need can reach us at any time. Our numerous depots can be found across the UK, so you can rest assured in the knowledge that we’re never more than 4 hrs away from your site. Devoted service such as this sets us apart from other companies that provide pedestrian automatic doors.

    Get in touch with Us.

    If you’re interested in pedestrian automatic doors, Hardley customers looking to invest in a set need look no further than us at Bolton Gate Services. Our team are more than happy to discuss our services at length, so be sure to reach out if you have any kind of particular queries. Call us now on 08085015480 or email us at info@boltongateservices.com.

    When you select us as your pedestrian automatic doors supplier, you can expect to take advantage of the complying with benefits:

    Pedestrian automatic doors have continued to grow in popularity over the years, mainly down to the many benefits they offer. We at Bolton Gate Services have been supplying top quality doors of all kinds for many years, including pedestrian automatic doors. Devoted service such as this sets us apart from other companies that provide pedestrian automatic doors.

    If you’re interested in pedestrian automatic doors, Hardley clients looking to invest in a set need look no further than us at Bolton Gate Services.

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    What Are Pedestrian Automatic Doors?

    What are Pedestrian Automatic Doors?

    Pedestrian automatic doors, Hardley customers, are a set of doors that are utilised daily by pedestrians in order to enter and exit a building. As stated in the name, these doors are automatic, meaning they open on their own. These doors will have a sensor that detects when somebody is in proximity to the door, and this sensor will then communicate the message through the system, leading the doors to open.

    Hardley, pedestrian automatic doors can be set up in a variety of buildings, wherever there is a constant circulation of foot traffic. This can be a commercial, industrial, or public property, from shops and hospitals

    What Are the Benefits of Pedestrian Automatic Doors?

    What Are the Benefits of Pedestrian Automatic Doors?

    There are numerous benefits to pedestrian automatic doors that other types of entrances simply can’t compete with, which is why they’re the best selection for industrial buildings, airports, shopping malls, restaurants, retail outlets, and countless other establishments.

    The majority of your clients are certain to choose an automatic door system as opposed to having to open and close a typical door. Not only that, congestion can easily occur in busy environments without smoothly operating pedestrian automatic doors. Hardley business owners will certainly want to avoid this for apparent reasons!

    Another key perk is that pedestrian automatic doors are normally transparent. This makes them perfect for commercial premises because it means that people who are walking past the property will be able to get a look at your products, creating immediate interest and new firm.

    Yet another reason that it’s specifically pedestrian automatic doors Hardley needs is that they let in a lot of daylight, making your workplace airier and far more pleasant for people to browse, spend time and shop in.

    So, pedestrian automatic doors really are the best choice for the vast majority of busy successful companies in Hardley and the surrounding areas. In case you already have them installed, you will have to make certain that they’re frequently serviced to ensure optimal operation and safety for everybody.

    This is where Bolton Gate Services comes into help. Our devoted and cost-effective maintenance plans are going to help you make sure that the doors are always functioning optimally and flawlessly in line with UK Health and Safety regulations for workplace equipment!

    Will Pedestrian Automatic Doors Make My Business More Accessible for Disabled People?

    Do Pedestrian Automatic Doors Make my Business Accessible for Disabled People?

    The short answer to this question is that yes indeed, pedestrian automatic doors, Hardley customers, do aid make your business easily accessible to disabled individuals. No one needs to manually open the door, allowing wheelchair users and also those with accessibility issues easy access through the door.

    Having said that, the addition of an automatic door on its own isn’t enough to make your company accessible for disabled people. You could have pedestrian automatic doors in Hardley, yet if they are at the top of a set of steps, they won’t be much help.

    You need to make sure that you evaluate the area in which your doors are being mounted and think about whether disabled people will be able to quickly access the doors. In some cases, you might need to think about the addition of ramps and railings to make certain your doors, and therefore your premises, remain easily accessible.

    It is essential to have routine maintenance checks carried out on your doors, something we can help with at Bolton Gate Services. The last thing you need is for your Hardley pedestrian automatic doors to stop working, as this makes accessibility a lot harder. With our team of engineers on hand to help, however, we can guarantee your doors continue to function optimally, allowing effortless access to everyone.

    Are Pedestrian Automatic Doors Safe?

    Are Pedestrian Automatic Doors Safe?

    While pedestrian automatic doors are most certainly an useful commodity for all businesses to take advantage of, it’s valid for companies to wonder about whether they are safe to use. Clients and workers alike will be using these doors on a daily basis in many facilities. At Bolton Gate Services, we want to assure local clients that not only are pedestrian automatic doors safe, but in many cases, they are much safer than traditional doors.

    Among the most reassuring factors backing up the safety of pedestrian automatic doors, Hardley customers, is the technology that is behind their operation. Movement sensors above the door will track the movement of oncoming customers and cause the doors to open for the duration that they are nearby. This ensures that no sudden closures can take place while an individual is trying to pass through the door.

    At Bolton Gate Services, safety is of paramount importance to our staff. As such, we quality check all of our pedestrian automatic doors prior to shipping them out to customers. It is crucial that such doors are fitted correctly by a specialist team to make certain that they are functioning without issue. Any type of faults need to be resolved early on to prevent the doors from malfunctioning and causing harm.

    To ensure the continued safe operation of pedestrian automatic doors, Hardley businesses must see that frequent maintenance is conducted. By determining and repairing faults before they can develop, it is less likely that a door malfunction could cause someone injury. We provide 24/7 maintenance and repair services so pedestrian automatic doors owners can always count on our team to be available.

    Where Can You Get Pedestrian Automatic Doors From?

    Where Can You Get Pedestrian Automatic Doors From?

    There are a great deal of companies that supply and install pedestrian automatic doors, Hardley customers. We supply a wide variety of doors to fit any kind of business and can also look after your doors for their entire lifecycle.

    All our pedestrian automatic doors in Hardley are supplied and also fitted by our highly qualified engineers. From commercial and industrial buildings to residential premises like blocks of flats, we’ve installed doors for countless clients.

    An important consideration to make whenever a situation concerns pedestrian automatic doors, Hardley customers, is health and safety. Our team always operates in a responsible manner and will make sure everything is functioning correctly before they leave. By running extensive tests, we guarantee that your new doors will be safe, compliant, and completely functional.

    We’ve mentioned this already, but it’s worth reiterating that our Hardley pedestrian automatic doors team are with you for the entire lifecycle of your doors. We can get you set up with a bespoke servicing plan. And if you ought to require help, we’re always ready to help with maintenance and repairs.

    What do I need to consider when installing new Pedestrian Automatic Doors?

    What Do I Need to Consider When Installing New Pedestrian Automatic Doors?

    There are numerous variables that you need to think about when having new Hardley pedestrian automatic doors installed at your property. One of one of the most essential considerations is who exactly will be installing these doors for you, and here at Bolton Gate Services, we have actually made that consideration simple; we will. Our group of highly trained and also fully qualified engineers will offer a swift and efficient installation service. Your brand-new doors will be set up the right way by our team and they will meet all the needed safety guidelines.

    One more consideration when having new pedestrian automatic doors set up is the quality of the doors. You are adding a substantial investment to your building, so you want to be sure that the company you use is supplying high quality products.

    Well, right here at Bolton Gate Services, we only ever offer the best quality products for our customers. As a matter of fact, you will certainly be hard-pressed to find another company that can match our quality. Plus, our doors, while being of the best quality, are competitively priced so they are within the budget of any type of property owner.

    When you are setting up pedestrian automatic doors, Hardley customers, you will certainly need to make sure you have a company on hand to carry out any type of repair and maintenance services. By coming to us to have your new doors set up, you will be working with a company that are with you throughout the lifecycle of your doors. We will give bespoke upkeep plans to make certain the continued effectiveness of your doors and also carry out any type of repair work that are needed.

    Which is better, a wing or sliding automatic door?

    Which is Better; a Swing or Sliding Automatic Door?

    All automatic doors aren’t the same; in fact, there are two different alternatives: swing and sliding pedestrian automatic doors. That’s not to say that swing doors are a bad investment, however in specific circumstances, you may wish to consider sliding doors over swing doors.

    First, sliding pedestrian automatic doors. In Hardley, these are actually one of the most popular choices and are most typically seen around town. They are particularly practical for smaller properties with restricted space as when open, they slide across, taking up zero floor space either in front or behind the door. Swing doors by comparison “swing” in an outward direction, requiring additional clearance when the door is opening.

    With swing doors, there’s also a higher danger of accidents. The reason is that swing doors “swing” in an outward direction when opening up.

    Visually, both swing and sliding pedestrian automatic doors, Hardley clients, look incredible. If you’re looking to make your doorway look contemporary, professional, and inviting, either option will achieve this easily. And, in regards to accessibility, both options are very capable of offering hands-free access.

    How Safe are Pedestrian Automatic Doors?

    How Safe are Pedestrian Automatic Doors?

    One of the most essential considerations when you purchase pedestrian automatic doors, Hardley clients, is safety. As they will certainly see such a high volume of use daily, by both colleagues as well as customers alike, it is important that they are up to code. With our automatic doors at Bolton Gate Services, you will not require to worry as they are developed and built to the highest levels of safety.

    Our group will also check out your site before installation to check the area and also ensure our pedestrian automatic doors in Hardley are the appropriate selection. We will only install these doors on your facilities if we are sure there will be no problems with room or obstruction.

    After installation, the continued safety of your doors depends heavily upon them being consistently serviced and maintained. Our team of engineers will certainly develop a bespoke maintenance program, with the frequency of visits depending upon elements such as the amount of usage your doors see.

    If we observe a minor concern that might later become a major issue, thereby endangering the safety of your doors, we will accomplish the adjustments needed. We are also available 24/7 must you need emergency maintenances, and we will certainly show up within 4 hours with the tools and parts needed to accomplish a repair.

    By coming to Bolton Gate Services for the installment and more care of your automatic doors, you can relax guaranteed learning they are risk-free for use.

    What is the Maximum Size of a Pedestrian Automatic Door?

    What Is the Maximum Size of a Pedestrian Automatic Door?

    There are lots of factors to consider when setting up pedestrian automatic doors, Hardley clients. Both swing and sliding doors provide many advantages and have a number of aspects in common. One varying aspect to take into consideration is the available space on your property and the size of the doors.

    Automatic doors can be around a maximum of 8m in width, which might seem like a large space initially, but will soon appear normal when subjected to a high volume of footfall. An automatic door that is larger in size makes for simpler accessibility in places that experience a large quantity of pedestrian traffic. There will not be any kind of crowding to get into or out of a property.

    These larger entrances even make your property more easily accessible for disabled individuals, including those in wheelchairs, and even for individuals with pushchairs. Lots of typical sized entrances, even when they are automatic, are challenging to manoeuvre through for those with accessibility issues. With larger Hardley pedestrian automatic doors, this won’t be an issue.

    The size of your doors will fully depend on the size of your property and the available room you have to work with. If your property is on the smaller sized side, as well as choosing for sliding doors to maximise room, you can have doors set up that are sized bespoke to your needs.

    Do You Offer Service or Maintenance of Pedestrian Automatic Doors

    Do You Offer Service or Maintenance of Pedestrian Automatic Doors?

    Yes, we do! That is precisely what we specialise in at Bolton Gate Services because we know that having completely functioning pedestrian automatic doors Hardley customers can easily use is an essential part of running a local business that employees and customers count on.

    Should an unexpected problem occur, it can be greatly detrimental to your operations. Unnecessary downtime can end up causing bad disruption along with lost revenue, which every business owner naturally wants to avoid. Regardless of whether a moving vehicle has accidentally driven into your doors or you have a spring failure on your hands, we will be able to handle it promptly and comprehensively.

    Bolton Gate Services is the only company in the area that works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, whatever the weather, including Bank Holidays. No matter the time of day or night– or whether it’s Christmas Eve– we will have somebody close by that can respond to the call and secure the premises!

    This is possible because our depots have been tactically placed in such a way that enables us to guarantee a 4-hour response time, no matter where in the UK you might be based. We likewise maintain our own fleet of vans that are always stocked with the necessary spare parts as well as tools to get the job done. We believe in doing it right the first time around, so you can depend on our team of skilled engineers!

    Being one of the UK’s leading specialists in the installation, maintenance, and repair of industrial and commercial doors, you can trust us to be your go-to provider. We boast a team of engineers that are really experienced in all manner of high-performance doors, including pedestrian automatic doors. Hardley is one of the many locations across the UK in which we operate, so don’t think twice to contact a member of our team.

    If you would like to learn detailed information regarding our professional services, then the process can not be easier. All you have to do is give us a call on 08085015480 and a member of our team will be on hand to provide you with the information you need. You can reach us by sending an email to south.east@boltongateservices.co.uk and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

    We provide a wide range of services, including first-class installations. We will organize a suitable time to visit your premises and gather the necessary measurements if you need us to fit your brand-new Hardley pedestrian automatic doors. As well as fitting new systems, we also provide maintenance and servicing bundles.

    Our engineers will conduct frequent examinations to ensure that your automatic doors are operating correctly and safely. By doing this, we will have the ability to flag up any possible issues and prevent them from becoming severe in the future. This will save you money in the long run as you will not have to pay a costly repair later down the line.

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