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    Numerous services require completely operating automatic entrance doors to ensure smooth function. If any problems occur with these types of doors, the day may well come to a halt, causing lost earnings and potentially upset customers.

    For this reason, it is necessary to always have a local team on standby that is experts in the repair and maintenance of automatic entrance doors. Glenfinnan locals can rest assured now as Bolton Gate Services is here to help and you can call our team around the clock on 08085015480 as we never close our doors!

    We’re able to carry out regular examinations as well as respond promptly to critical circumstances where an immediate repair is needed. Whichever problem you may be having with your Glenfinnan automatic entrance doors, you can count on Bolton Gate Services to handle it quickly.

    Getting your commercial doors serviced is a legal demand and these checks need to be carried out by certified experts like Bolton Gate Services. All checks will be documented and you’ll be provided with a record describing all things that’s been conducted over the years, which you can maintain for your records and provide as evidence for your insurance provider that your doors are up to standard and working to maximum capacity!

    The Most Trusted Maintenance and Servicing for Automatic Entrance Doors Glenfinnan Can Get

    These types of doors are normally discovered in properties that a lot of people go in and out of daily, so they’re exceptional for lowering over-crowding. Hospitals, hotels, shopping centres and other similarly active atmospheres all count on automatic entrance doors in Glenfinnan.

    Without proper maintenance, automatic doors are going to wear with time. If they’re left untreated for long periods time, an unexpected failure may take place, which no one would like. This could interrupt your everyday firm and in case the doors can’t be dealt with for any reason, replacements may wind up being fairly pricey.

    The Bolton Gate Services team has actually been offering repairs and servicing on Glenfinnan automatic entrance doors for years now, so we’re completely set to be your one-stop-shop for ensuring maximum performance at all times.

    You can be positive in our skillset as, during our many years of successful operation, we’ve seen it all before when it comes to automatic entrance doors. Glenfinnan locals can count on our speed, customer support excellence and unbeatable 4-hour response time from the moment you make your first phone call to our local depot!

    Act Quick and Count On the Specialists

    As soon as our team members arrive onsite, they will very closely examine the state of your doors and get an extensive overview of what needs to be carried out. We believe in getting the job done right the first time around, so you don’t need to worry.

    Here at Bolton Gate Services, we understand that some circumstances are genuinely urgent and you require a team onsite with no delay. You’ll more than happy to learn that we work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so you can call our Glenfinnan depot at any time on 08085015480 and we’ll take it from there!

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    What is an Automatic Entrance Doors

    What Are Automatic Entrance Doors?

    Individuals are so used to automatic entrance doors that they barely see them when going in an industrial building but they’re nearly everywhere. Stores, hotels, health centers, shopping centres, banks, car dealerships, you name it.

    Automatic entrance doors are the best choice for lots of reasons. Individuals frequently fail to remember to close a regular door behind them, as an example. Traditional doors are also a problem for wheelchair users whereas automatic entrance doors make entry simple for everybody.

    While there are lots of smaller sized facilities that make use of automatic entrance doors thanks to their convenience, they’re most suitable for very busy companies that have a lot of daily footfall. Accessibility is remarkably important when you’re running a company, that makes these types of doors incredibly popular in a large range of diverse sectors and also markets.

    The design choices are remarkably varied, so UK company managers will have the ability to get the perfect doors for their premises, without compromises. Custom-made colours can be used and also your installers will make sure that the doors fit the building flawlessly, allowing for basic access for everyone.

    Once you have your automatic doors installed, you have to keep in mind that getting them serviced is a legal requirement. This ensures the safety of your customers and employees, and guarantees compliance with Health and Safety regulations for workplace equipment.

    This is where Bolton Gate Services comes in to help. We provide remarkably competitively priced maintenance packages. This procedure would involve one of our engineers stopping by the premises at a practical time, checking the doors carefully and also providing a document validating optimal operation. Any kind of small problems will be nipped in the bud as our specialists will be able to determine possible problems right before they even develop!

    Where can Automatic Entrance Doors be used?

    Where Can Automatic Entrance Doors be Used?

    Several customers will certainly discover the use of an automatic entrance door in Glenfinnan as they enter a property, as it makes entering and also exiting easier. However if you are a business owner, you may discover yourself questioning whether your property can profit from a set of automated doors. The simple response is of course, your business can most likely utilise automatic doors as there are very few circumstances where they are unsuitable.

    Whether sliding, swing, or revolving, automatic entrance doors, Glenfinnan company owners, can be installed in most properties. They are most typically utilised in properties and also businesses that get a high volume of traffic daily, as they help to reduce any over-crowding at the entrance and exit. Hotels, hospitals, shopping centres, supermarkets, and much more will certainly use automated entrances.

    There are also some residential properties that will find it beneficial to invest in a set of these doors. Glenfinnan, automatic entrance doors can be installed in blocks of flats and other communal properties. You will always discover them useful in properties such as student accommodation.

    Because of their hands-free company, automatic entrances are very useful in scenarios where easy access is required. They can be utilised for handicapped accessibility to properties, and also in cases where employees need to move as well as transfer goods efficiently as well as efficiently.

    Usually, if there is enough room for them to be installed, you will certainly discover that automatic entrance doors, Glenfinnan customers, are a wonderful investment. They will allow individuals to enter as well as leave your property promptly and without problem.

    What are the benefits an Automatic Entrance Doors?

    What are the Benefits Automatic Entrance Doors?

    Automatic entrance doors, Glenfinnan clients, are extremely favored, specifically in the commercial industry. This is because they include a wealth of advantages for individuals and the buildings themselves. The main one is the truth that they deliver exceptional accessibility. There is no requirement to physically open them, so for individuals that do not have their hands totally free due to shopping or pushchairs, they can walk right through.

    These doors even offer enhanced security, protecting the interior of the property and also those inside it. Even, the security team in charge of the doors can control them from another location. So, if they need to reject particular individuals entrance to the building or they need to keep the doors open for emergency purposes, they have the ability to do so.

    For the healthcare as well as food sectors, it is necessary that every aspect of the building is tidy and also hygienic. By installing automated doors, it gets rid of the threat of contamination. There will be no unclean hands spreading out germs! Not just do your automatic entrance doors in Glenfinnan have a variety of useful buildings, yet they are also good to look at!

    Premium quality facilities tend to favor automatic entrance doors as they are sleek and also trendy, improving the appearances of the building. By enlisting the specialist services of our team at Bolton Gate Services, we can go over the many benefits that come with having automatic doors.

    Our committed team are professionals in the supply and also installation of these doors, and we even offer thorough maintenance and repair services. If you’re searching for a trusted team of experts to take care of the condition of your doors, then you have actually come to the ideal place.

    Where to get Automatic Entrance Doors from?

    Where to Get Automatic Entrance Doors From?

    Perhaps you’re still running with manual doors, or maybe a new building is being constructed which will eventually need a set of trustworthy automatic entrance doors. Glenfinnan customers, if you’re wondering exactly who to rely on for the very best quality, most affordably valued automatic doors, the answer is Bolton Gate Services. Just our group has the experience, track record, and expertise that guarantees 100% customer complete satisfaction.

    From sliding to swing and rotating automatic entrance doors, in Glenfinnan, we’re the company to call for entirely custom installments. Along with upgrading existing doors, we can replace your current entrances with brand new, state-of-the-art automatic variants. Whether we’re replacing your existing doors or adding doors to a new-build, rest assured we’ll supply doors that meet your specs. As well as they’ll be properly set up swiftly, maintaining downtime to a minimum.

    Our Glenfinnan automatic entrance doors provider just provides premium-grade doors manufactured to an exacting standard. And also, with our extraordinary proficiency and experience, we’ll have your new doors fitted as well as up as well as running in a snap.

    As well as the wonderful news is that not just do we install automatic entrance doors, Glenfinnan customers, yet we repair and service them as well. We offer a variety of servicing bundles adapted to the door’s usage, age, as well as the maker’s referral. This consists of a set variety of visits per annum during which we’ll complete routine work to keep your doors shipshape.

    Should anything fail, you can take comfort learning that we’re on call 24/7, 365 days a year to come and fix your automatic entrance doors. Glenfinnan customers, for all your automated door needs, see to it you call Bolton Gate Services.

    Can Automatic Entrance Doors be services?

    Can Automatic Entrance Doors be Serviced?

    It is highly a good idea for automatic entrance doors to undergo routine servicing to preserve their standard. As one of the country’s leading sector professionals, you can trust our team at Bolton Gate Services to perform regular assessments on your automatic entrance doors, Glenfinnan clients.

    Initially, we will certainly carry out a questionnaire that is completely cost free. During this we will certainly check the following:

    Structural Integrity

    Electrical Safety


    Warning Devices, Markings and Signage

    Safety and More!

    Each and every single commercial and industrial door has to be certified with health and safety legislation. All automatic entrance doors in Glenfinnan and beyond must go through a form of upkeep, according to Regulation 5 and 18 of the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992. It is your duty as a company or independent professional to make certain that your doors are risk-free, according to Section 3 of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

    Once we have actually finished the study, we will set up a plan that entails our team consistently inspecting your doors. A few of our clients opt to have maintenance checks annually, while others need our knowledge much more often. By doing this we can see to it that your automatic entrance doors are fit for function and meet the lawful guidelines.

    The major benefit of servicing is that it will save you money in the long run. By using our specialist eye, Bolton Gate Services engineers will certainly be able to identify and highlight any kind of possible problems. Our highly-skilled team will have the ability to fix the problem there and after that, preventing the demand for a more expensive repair service.

    Do you offer emergency call out?

    Do You Offer Emergency Call-Out?

    A question we’re often asked is whether we’re available for emergency call-out work on automatic entrance doors. Glenfinnan clients will certainly then be delighted to understand that we provide a 24/7 emergency service! Our staff have actually made sure that they’re available as frequently as possible to carry out crucial repair and maintenance work at a moment’s notice. This is sure to be a relief to companies that, without functioning automated doors, would certainly be in big trouble.

    We operate a 24/7 basis as we see that concerns with your automatic entrance doors can take place any time. As such, we have actually seen to it that we’re available for when you require us most. Our staff are on call to listen to your problem and also have actually a team sent to you immediately. We have depots tactically positioned throughout the country, so we’re never greater than four hrs away from your site.

    Upon arriving at your business premises, our group will certainly get to work straight away. We will first need to perform an analysis of your doors to discover the source of the concern. As soon as discovered, we will then work on supplying a swift and reliable solution. Our vans double up as mobile workshops, so we will have all the devices required to start job as quickly as we show up. This technique will no doubt bring about a fast repair that obtains your Glenfinnan automatic entrance doors up and running once more.

    Having such a reputable service readily available is invaluable for companies that have automatic entrance doors. Glenfinnan clients can rely upon our emergency call-out capacities whenever they’re in a solution and also require a quick fixing. If you think this service right now, pick up the phone and our group will certainly make certain to aid.

    Here at Bolton Gate Services, we go the extra mile to make sure that our customers are given the best services across the board. By giving installations, maintenance plans and emergency fixings, we have actually turned into one of the industry-leading companies that specialise in commercial and industrial doors and shutters.

    One of our standout characteristics is the 24hr emergency call out service that we give to every one of our customers. This indicates that if your automatic entrance doors, Glenfinnan customers, sustain a malfunction or break down suddenly, we will send an engineer to repair them. As a result of our strategically-placed depots, we guarantee that a qualified and qualified engineer will get on your site within 4 hrs of your call.

    Not just that, yet we also suggest bespoke maintenance strategies. It is vital that business and industrial doors stay up to code and adhere to health and safety legislation. We can see to it that happens by performing routine assessments, either annually or even more often depending upon your system and its use.

    Every project we tackle is bespoke as we understand that each client calls for various services at different times. Our engineers will work closely with you to guarantee that you receive all the options you need. Whether you require your automatic entrance doors in Glenfinnan upgrading or your industrial shutters checked, we are the go-to company.

    To know more information about our outstanding services, give us a call today on 08085015480. As an alternative, send an email to and we will certainly return to you as soon as possible.

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