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    Have you been looking for new doors for your business? Need a model that will be convenient as well as easy to use for both customers as well as employees? Then why not consider automatic entrance doors. Fort Augustus companies have already been taking advantage of this door model for years with excellent success. The many benefits provided by these doors suggests that there’s no reason not to consider them for your company.

    We at Bolton Gate Services pride ourselves on the superb service we provide regarding automatic entrance doors. Fort Augustus clients who choose to make use of our group will certainly enjoy the following benefits:

    • 24/7 Emergency Call-Out
    • Swift Installation
    • Thorough Servicing
    • Effective Repairs
    • Specialist Advice
    • Excellent Customer Support
    • We’re more than happy to undergo queries from potential clients at length, so make sure to call us on 08085015480 if you intend to learn more.

    Why Pick Automatic Entrance Doors?

    Automatic entrance doors have actually continued to flourish in popularity since they were first introduced to the marketplace and also can be located in a variety of various properties. Retail outlets, recreation centres, as well as hotels are simply a couple of good examples of establishments that make use of these doors. Quick to open and secure when closed, these doors provide convenience to customers as well as staff members alike.

    As they are made use of in a lot of various atmospheres, there are now many different styles of automatic entrance doors. Fort Augustus customers operating a hotel may find that a revolving model is better matched to their establishment, whereas high-street retailers might opt-for a standard sliding model. Whatever the instance, you’ll require a group of effective professionals, such as ours at Bolton Gate Services, available to recommend you sufficiently before you make a final decision.

    We have responded to a few of the most frequently asked questions concerning automatic entrance doors on our site, so make sure to have a browse if you are interested.

    Why Come to Us?

    We at Bolton Gate Services have actually been working on all styles of doors, including automatic entrances, for years. Over the years we have taken on numerous projects of differing size, all of which we’ve completed to a high standard. As such, our staff have an in-depth expertise of our industry and are confident in having the ability to satisfy the demands of all clients. Whether you’re having new doors fitted or call for a repair, we’re positive in having the ability to fulfil your demands.

    We intend to cater to the requirements of all customers at any time, which is why we offer a 24/7 emergency call-out service. Being frequently available means that we can be with you whenever urgent repairs or maintenance work is called for. Thanks to the depots we have tactically placed around the UK, we are certainly never much more than 4 hrs away from your site. Our quick response times and flexible availability makes us the desired professional for many automatic entrance door owners.

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    If you’re aiming to purchase automatic entrance doors, Fort Augustus clients should not look further than our team at Bolton Gate Services. We’re constantly ready to review our products and services in detail, so call us today on 08085015480 or email, and we’ll respond to you shortly.

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    What is an Automatic Entrance Doors

    What is an Automatic Entrance Door?

    As the name implies, automatic entrance doors, Fort Augustus customers, refer to commercial entrances which are completely automated. These doors are generally distinguished as having a metal structure with big glass panes that allow lots of light, look aesthetically pleasing, and offer a clear sight of the lobby interior. These doors are keyed to a sensor which spots an individual approaching, activating the doors at the same time.

    Due to the fact that they are fully automated, they don’t need to be manually run and will certainly close when nobody is about. This makes certain that the build continues to be heated while assisting to shut out insects. At Bolton Gate Services, we supply automatic entrance doors in Fort Augustus in various designs, consisting of sliding, swing, and revolving.

    Automatic entrance doors, Fort Augustus business owners, are one of the most convenient way of giving a hands-free pedestrian entrance/ exit. They are modern and stylish and can also be customised with a colour scheme that matches the firm’s brand. Plus, automatic doors can be additional customised with glass-embossed graphics that display your brand, logo, opening times, services, and much more.

    All automatic doors normally feature a manual override also. If you need to maintain the doors open or seal them at the end of the day, this can be done really quickly and extremely rapidly.

    From shopping centres to resorts and hospitals, our Fort Augustus automatic entrance doors experts work to equip, service, and repair these kinds of doors for all type of customers. While really efficient, these doors can fail or begin to breakdown, and when they do; time is of the essence.

    Thanks to our impressive understanding, totally certified team of engineers, and totally equipped mobile workshops, you can always rely on Bolton Gate Services to keep your automatic entrance doors in Fort Augustus.

    Where can Automatic Entrance Doors be used?

    Where Can Automatic Entrance Doors be Used?

    The public are likely to see automatic entrance doors on commercial premises. They provide simple access to customers and they reduce congestion, enabling groups of people to walk into the structure at any type of one time. In Fort Augustus, automatic entrance doors are used widely for numerous reasons.

    In terms of operation, automated doors are high-speed and contain motion sensors that spot when an individual is approaching the door. This eliminates the need for physical opening, enabling people to move via the doors promptly. The kinds of industry that use automatic entrance doors in Fort Augustus are as follows:


    Sport and Leisure


    Professional Sectors

    In numerous properties, automatic entrance doors are also used. In blocks of apartments, some main entranceways are comprised of automatic doors. Likewise, handicapped access to domestic properties is generally offered via automated entrances.

    In the commercial sector, by having automated doors, business have the ability to relocate products to as well as from places easily thanks to the convenience of their operating systems. Not only are the doors created to open up and shut without manual assistance, but they can additionally be large enough to transport large stock.

    It deserves noting that there are several types of automated door, including sliding, swinging and also revolving. Each one is designed for convenience, but the way in which they operate is somewhat various. Here at Bolton Gate Services, we have a team of engineers that can set up a variety of automatic entrance doors. So, if you think that your properties would certainly gain from these systems or your current ones need updating, don’t hesitate to contact us.

    What are the benefits an Automatic Entrance Doors?

    What Are the Advantages of Automatic Doorway Doors?

    Automatic doorway doors are the perfect choice for business places, airport terminals, shopping malls, restaurants, retail outlets, book shops and any other very busy atmospheres that experience a great deal of footfall every single day.

    Individuals absolutely choose an automatic sliding door system, rather than having to open and close a regular door themselves. Over-crowding can easily take place in very busy environments without automatic doorway doors.

    Generally, these doors are transparent, which is excellent for commercial properties since it implies that individuals strolling past will certainly have the ability to obtain a great look at all of the products available and also enter to explore.

    One more excellent benefit to these automatic doorway doors Fort Augustus likes is that they allow a lot of daylight, making the atmosphere ventilated as well as pleasing to spend time and also outlet in. People are mosting likely to really feel a whole lot better browsing your product range in a light-filled room, rather than a closed claustrophobic room.

    As you can tell from all of the details above, automated doors are the best option for most of businesses in the Dorset region. If you already have them installed, then you must be aware that obtaining your doorways consistently serviced is a legal requirement.

    Consequently, you need to constantly keep the number for Bolton Gate Services handy– our routine maintenance checks ensure that your doors are functioning optimally as well as completely in line with UK Health and Safety policies for workplace equipment!

    Where to get Automatic Entrance Doors from?

    Where to Purchase Automatic Door Doors From

    If you are looking to purchase a set of automatic doorway doors, Fort Augustus customers, then you will certainly require to find a team that supplies high quality products. While there are several companies out there, you will certainly find that there is only one team that stands out, and that is Bolton Gate Services. We have years of experience in the market and also have actually worked with the installation of many automated doors across a variety of properties.

    While we are popular for offering superior repair and maintenance services, we even provide a fantastic installation service as well. We offer just the best goods for our clients, so you can rest assured knowing your Fort Augustus automatic door doors will be the very best in the industry. And also, our team pride experience and also knowledge that is second-to-none, ensuring your brand-new automated entrances are installed quickly and also efficiently.

    Whether you require sliding, swing, or revolving automatic entrance doors, in Fort Augustus we are the only team you must call. We have a depot in Poole, which guarantees we are never far from your facilities. We can have your new doors installed quickly, and we supply a superb aftersales service too.

    When you get your automatic entrance doors, Fort Augustus customers, from Bolton Gate Services, you can even benefit from our maintenance plans. We offer bundles that are suited to your specific demands and budget. And, as we are so close to our depot in Poole, we can be onsite within 4 hours, having the devices and also components needed should your doors breakdown.

    Can Automatic Entrance Doors be services?

    Can Automatic Entrance Doors Be Serviced?

    For any type of business that’s running with automatic doors, the truth that concerns can happen ought to be all too noticeable. These problems will occur even with routine servicing, however what a servicing plan does is dramatically reduce downtime while increasing the trustworthiness of your automatic entrance doors. Fort Augustus customers, at Bolton Gate Services, we give routine maintenance for all sorts of doors, shutters, and also barriers.

    But it’s not just about making sure the dependability of your automatic entrance doors. Fort Augustus business owners also need to be knowledgeable about their legal obligations. Under the 1992 Workplace Regulations– Maintenance of Equipment, Devices and Systems, it is a legal imperative to ensure that any doors made use of by staff and also customers are maintained running safely. As well as if you have insurance policy in place, you’ll likely identify that a maintenance plan is a compulsory stipulation of your active policy.

    The good news is that with our FREE inspection, you can obtain an exact, unique quote for your automatic entrance doors in Fort Augustus extremely rapidly. Adhering to a thorough inspection, we’ll develop a servicing plan that makes sure your doors are kept well-maintained as well as functioning securely while reducing downtime and repair service expenses. Our maintenance provision will certainly ensure your doors are constantly up to code.

    As part of every maintenance visit, we conduct a range of jobs that take a look at the structural integrity, functionality, electrical safety, and also general safety of your doors. As well as we work to guarantee that your doors are working within regular specifications.

    Our maintenance plans involve yearly visits, however we can also carry out visits a lot more on a regular basis if we really feel that your doors require more attention. Whatever the situation, if you require our assistance, call our Fort Augustus automatic entrance doors company today.

    Do you offer emergency call out?

    Do You Offer Emergency Call Out Services?

    Despite having the best maintenance strategy in place, things can still fail. For instance, your doors could be damaged by an accident– something a maintenance plan may never account for. So, it’s soothing to know that when things go a little wrong, you can always call Bolton Gate Services to come and fix your automatic entrance doors. Fort Augustus customers, we’re readily available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

    Thanks to our depot, based in Poole, and our large fleet of totally equipped mobile workshops, we’re well-placed to answer any inquiry swiftly. Actually, from the moment you place your call, we’ll be at your site in just four hrs or less: no other business guarantees a feedback time such as this. So, you will not be left waiting, and your staff and clients won’t be bothered for any longer than is necessary.

    Upon arrival, an NVQ Level 2 (minimum) experienced engineer will assess the circumstance and supply you with a FREE, no-obligation quote for the repair work. In 99% of cases, we can influence a first-time solution there and then. This is thanks to our completely equipped mobile workshops which carry all the required trade-critical components, tools, and equipment. We’re equipped to handle a range of issues, and if additional parts are required, we’ll put in place a short-term solution and aim to return immediately.

    All fixings are undertaken by a CSCS and CHAS approved group in compliance with health and safety. Our repairs are competitively priced and lasting, guaranteeing you of exceptional value for money. Wish to discover more? Then call Bolton Gate Services for assistance with your automatic entrance doors, Fort Augustus customers.

    If you’re a company that is equipped with automated doors, you’ll understand the many advantages they bring. You’ll recognise just exactly how important it is to make sure that these doors continue to be completely operational and also working safely. As the very best company for automatic entrance doors Fort Augustus needs to offer, Bolton Gate Services offers the complete plan– setups, repairs, as well as maintenance.

    Our wide range of knowledge, unmatched experience, and extensive experience leave us suitably qualified to tackle all manner of requests, no matter size. We’re available 24-hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. As well as our qualified engineers can respond rapidly to emergencies in simply 4 hrs or less. So, how do you go about contacting us regarding automatic entrance doors in Fort Augustus?

    The initial approach is to ring our depot in Poole directly on 08085015480. You’ll be connected to a member of our friendly team that’ll put down all the essential details as well as get your requested logged in the system. For basic queries, you can additionally get in touch by dropping us an email at This account is continuously kept an eye on, and also you’ll obtain a reply in a really short space of time.

    The final technique readily available to our clients is our online contact form. This can be located on our mobile service page: just provide your complete name, company, location, contact number, as well as email address, and state whether your request is an emergency or not. A member of our team will after that reply promptly to help with any inquiries connected to automatic entrance doors, Fort Augustus clients.

    For a complete checklist of contact details for all our depots, located nationwide, click on our contact page.