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    Are you searching for a dependable team of professionals that specialise in pedestrian automatic doors? Fawley-based companies should look no further than Bolton Gate Services. We boast a team of devoted and skilled engineers that should be your first choice for repair and maintenance. As a company, we specialise in high-performance doors in the industrial and commercial fields.

    Maintenance Plans for Fawley Pedestrian Automatic Doors

    A lot of people will see automatic doors on a regular basis as they are frequently used in a lot of public buildings. Numerous supermarkets and shopping centres use these doors, as do hospitals and hotels.

    In the event that the door breaks down or it doesn’t open, it can pose a safety threat to people going through. Additionally, if this is the only entrance point to your building, then it will prevent customers from visiting your establishment, potentially leading to a loss of revenue.

    Here at Bolton Gate Services, we can make sure that your pedestrian automatic doors in Fawley are in strong working order. We will inspect your doors and identify any sort of problems that we come across.

    24/7 Repairs

    Along with performing routine upkeep inspections on your pedestrian automatic doors, Fawley customers should know that we are available for around-the-clock repair services. We run a 24-hour emergency callout service, which means that if you need unforeseen assistance, an engineer will be on your site. Even if it is 4am on a bank holiday Monday, we will answer your phone call and work immediately on solving the problem.

    We vow to send an engineer to your premises within 4 hrs of you getting in touch. The repair itself will be carried out as promptly as possible.

    In the event that a first-time fix is not possible, we will make certain that the location is safely secured before leaving. Our temporary repair will be in place until we can return to finalise the repair. Every one of our engineers work efficiently to ensure that your Fawley pedestrian automatic doors remain in the best condition.

    If you would like to learn more information about our repair and maintenance solutions, then don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team. You can obtain the information you need by calling 08085015480 Alternatively, you can contact us by sending an e-mail to info@boltongateservices.com. We can arrange for one of our engineers to visit your premises as soon as you have told us what you require.

    Are you searching for a reliable team of experts that specialise in pedestrian automatic doors? Most people will see automatic doors on a regular basis as they are frequently used in a great deal of public buildings. Here at Bolton Gate Services, we can make certain that your pedestrian automatic doors in Fawley are in strong working order. As conducting routine upkeep checks on your pedestrian automatic doors, Fawley customers should know that we are available for 24/7 repairs. All of our engineers work efficiently to make sure that your Fawley pedestrian automatic doors are in the best condition.

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    What Are Pedestrian Automatic Doors?

    What are Pedestrian Automatic Doors?

    The most obvious question is “What are pedestrian automatic doors?”. Fawley clients, these refer to virtually any type of automated entrance you ‘d encounter at the front of a supermarket or leisure centre. They allow people to enter into and also exit very quickly, providing complete hands-free procedure. A sensor, generally positioned above the doors, senses when somebody is approaching. A message is triggered through the system which, in turn, causes the doors opening.

    The appeal of this system is that the doors will solely open when somebody is directly in front of the doors, then close again once no one is around. At Bolton Gate Services, we’re in the business of fitting pedestrian automatic doors in Fawley to a whole host of properties. Wherever the amount of traffic requires such an addition, we can fit doors to commercial, industrial, and even residential and government properties.

    Pedestrian automatic doors, Fawley customers, come in two variants– swing and sliding. Whichever one you select; these doors are a versatile as well as very accommodating choice. They are perfect for business manager looking to make their properties more accessible to disabled people.

    It is worth bearing in mind, however, that any automatic doors will see a heavy amount of use. For this reason, our Fawley pedestrian automatic doors professionals not solely set up these doors, but we repair and service them as well. Hopefully, the above should answer this question. Simply put, automatic doors are automated entrances triggered hands-free by a sensor installed above the doors. No manual operation is needed.

    The charm of this setup is that the doors will only open when someone is directly in front of the doors, then close again once no one is around. For this reason, our Fawley pedestrian automatic doors specialists not solely mount these doors, but we repair and service them too. In short, automatic doors are automated entrances triggered hands-free by a sensor placed above the doors.

    What Are the Benefits of Pedestrian Automatic Doors?

    What are the perks of Pedestrian Automatic Doors?

    You will find there are numerous advantages to using pedestrian automatic doors, Fawley clients. One such perk, which is especially important right now because of COVID-19, is that they help stop the spread of germs and bacteria. These doors open on their own and need no contact with the public, meaning germs can not be spread as the doors won’t need to be touched.

    Plus, as they open automatically, these doors will make your property easily accessible to those with specials needs, the elderly, and also those with small children and pushchairs. Any company or property should be accessible to everyone, and with these doors installed, yours will be.

    Fawley, pedestrian automatic doors are especially beneficial in locations where the amount of foot traffic is high. With the use of doors which we need to open ourselves, foot traffic can easily build up and a crowd could form. By choosing automatic doors, however, getting in and exiting your property will be quick and easy. Plus, if your property is on the smaller side, having a series of sliding automatic doors set up will increase the available space.

    One perk which stands apart from the rest, however, is that the setup of these doors can save you money. This is because they typically reduce the amount of power you are wasting. They solely open when somebody is entering or exiting, meaning they stay closed the rest of the time, maintaining warm air inside and cold air outside, or the other way around in the summertime. You will be paying less for your heating bills or air conditioning.

    Will Pedestrian Automatic Doors Make My Business More Accessible for Disabled People?

    Will Pedestrian Automatic Doors Make My Business Accessible for Disabled People?

    It is important for all firms to cater to the needs of as many clients as possible. After all, it’s in the best interest of every company to be easily accessible to all interested customers. Having said that, it is oftentimes needed that special measures be taken so as to make your premises easier to access for individuals with disabilities. One way in which you can do this is by having pedestrian automatic doors installed.

    Simply put, yes, pedestrian automatic doors, Fawley customers, will certainly make your company a lot more easily accessible for disabled individuals. Though most of us take the simple act of opening a door for granted, this is impossible for people with physical challenges. It is, for that reason, the duty of a business to make their facility accessible to such people.

    As pedestrian automatic doors act on their own, those who are on crutches, in a wheelchair, or in a similar situation, will not have to open them manually. Not only does this make life easier for such individuals, but it also signifies that they’ll be more likely to visit your premises. This is since it is clear your establishment is catering to their needs and is accessible.

    While having pedestrian automatic doors will undoubtedly make your business more accessible, there are various other steps you might need to take. For example, the installation of a ramp may be needed if your building is elevated above street level. While other solutions may need to be thought about, felt confident that the setup of pedestrian automatic doors will get you on the right track.

    Are Pedestrian Automatic Doors Safe?

    Are Pedestrian Automatic Doors Safe?

    While pedestrian automatic doors are most certainly an useful asset for all organizations to benefit from, it’s valid for businesses to wonder about whether they are safe to use. Employees and customers alike will be using these doors on a daily basis in many facilities. At Bolton Gate Services, we want to assure local clients that not only are pedestrian automatic doors safe, but in many cases, they are safer than conventional doors.

    One of the most reassuring factors supporting the safety of pedestrian automatic doors, Fawley clients, is the technology that is behind their operation. Motion sensors above the door will track the motion of oncoming clients and cause the doors to open for the duration that they are nearby. This ensures that no sudden closures can take place while an individual is trying to pass through the door.

    At Bolton Gate Services, safety is of paramount significance to our team. Because of this, we quality check each one of our pedestrian automatic doors prior to delivering them out to clients. It is vital that such doors are fitted properly by a professional team to make certain that they are operating without issue. Any faults need to be resolved at an early stage to prevent the doors from malfunctioning and causing harm.

    To guarantee the continued safe operation of pedestrian automatic doors, Fawley businesses should see that frequent maintenance is carried out. By determining and taking care of faults before they can develop, it is less likely that a door breakdown could cause someone injury. We offer 24/7 maintenance and repair services so pedestrian automatic doors owners can always count on our team to be available.

    Where Can You Get Pedestrian Automatic Doors From?

    Where Can You Get Pedestrian Automatic Doors From?

    Bolton Gate Services is the leading choice for maintaining, repairing and servicing pedestrian automatic doors. Fawley business owners can rely on our speedy service and more than three decades of hands-on industry experience.

    At Bolton Gate Services, we do not supply first-time installments once you have actually had the doors installed by a group of professionals, we are here to take care of them. We provide the best response times in the business, so you don’t need to stress over unnecessary downtime and lost income!

    In the huge majority of circumstances we get called out for in the Fawley region, we will certainly have every little thing that we need to get your pedestrian automatic doors working once again. In case there are any kind of parts or units that require to be bought in, we’re going to carry out that crucial first-time fix and ensure that the facilities are safe for each person.

    While it’s unusual, there are circumstances where the problem isn’t solvable as well as the doors need to be replaced– normally because of unforeseen impact damage from a moving vehicle. We’re going to be your team of choice as we have created up a whole lot of beneficial market contacts over the years if this occurs.

    Here at Bolton Gate Services, our company know exactly how discouraging it can be when your doors experience an issue, so we’re here to make sure that every little thing is running perfectly at all times. The most effective way for you to guarantee this is by signing up for one of our affordable maintenance plans today!

    What do I need to consider when installing new Pedestrian Automatic Doors?

    What Do I Need to Consider When Installing New Pedestrian Automatic Doors?

    One of the first things you need to think about is whether these doors are actually suitable for your premises. Plenty of industrial facilities use these systems in Fawley. Pedestrian automatic doors are generally found as entrances to supermarkets, shopping centres, hotels, hospitals and many more facilities.

    Safety is the number one factor that you should be considering when choosing automatic doors to be installed. These particular systems operate via motion sensors, which activate the ‘open’ function when a person comes close to the door. The open and close function needs to be perfectly timed to avoid causing threat to people passing through.

    Here at Bolton Gate Services, we have a wealth of experience in fitting new pedestrian automatic doors in Fawley. Our team of engineers are highly qualified and up to date with all health and safety legislation. When installing your new doors, we ensure that every safety mechanism is fitted and complies with legal requirements.

    It is necessary to understand that if your doors fail a safety assessment, you could be in danger of facing a financial penalty. Not only that, but your insurance could be void. To stop this from happening, a member of our team can conduct routine safety checks to ensure that your doors are up to code.

    Safety is your top priority to consider when having new automatic doors mounted, and you also need to ensure that the systems are accessible for everyone, and are wide enough to fit a large traffic flow and mobility device users.

    Which is better, a wing or sliding automatic door?

    Which Is Better– A Swing or Sliding Automatic Door?

    This is a hard question to answer because people’s requirements are really different when it comes to pedestrian automatic doors. Fawley residents may require to speak with the professionals as swing and sliding automatic doors both come with their very own distinct collection of benefits.

    Swing Doors

    Automatic swing doors open quietly. They are particularly practical for use by elderly people or those with limited mobility, so this might be the right option if you have actually been wishing to make your place of business more accessible.

    Most of modern automatic swing doors are controlled by an expert micro-processor that deals with and continuously controls a fluid movement. At the same time, the integrated protection radars quickly detect any potential barriers, assuring a smooth, safe swing motion.

    Sliding Doors

    When it involves straight sliding pedestrian doors, there are lots of solutions available that business managers and property managers are going to find extremely beneficial depending upon their particular performance needs. One of the crucial advantages of these types of doors is just how easy they are to install.

    There are numerous aesthetically pleasing solutions offered that are mosting likely to perfectly blend in with what’s currently there. Getting in and out of your building will certainly be a breeze for your clients and your employees can easily transfer products back and forth!

    Stay Proactive by Hiring Bolton Gate Services

    Any hectic properties that utilise pedestrian automatic doors in Fawley require unfaltering performance and functionality. Consequently, you ought to register for one of our extremely affordable upkeep plans that ensure perfect operation at all times!

    How Safe are Pedestrian Automatic Doors?

    How Safe Are Pedestrian Automatic Doors?

    We know that pedestrian automatic doors are safe, but just how safe are they? It’s reasonable for companies that see a significant number of clients enter and exit their properties daily to be concerned about the safety of these doors. At Bolton Gate Services, we ensure that all of our doors meet the required health and safety standards, and are happy to vouch for the safety of such entranceways.

    Pedestrian automatic doors, Fawley clients, are constructed with health and safety in mind. If they haven’t passed the required health and safety checks and been accredited by specialists, no doors will ever be mounted. At Bolton Gate Services, our team will always ensure that the automatic doors we supply have been checked thoroughly and are totally operational.

    Incidents can still happen, however, no matter how thoroughly your doors have been checked. Leaving weighty items in front of your door will cause it to stay open, for example, which may cause further malfunctions regarding motion sensing. It is, therefore, your responsibility to ensure that your doors are not obstructed and that they are frequently examined by you or your team.

    It’s worth noting that the most effective way to guarantee that your pedestrian automatic doors remain in top condition is to have them inspected and maintained routinely. At Bolton Gate Services, we offer 24/7 repair and maintenance services, so we’re always available to come out and check your doors. It’s in the best interest of health and safety to have them carried out as quickly as possible if we do find any kind of repairs that need to be made.

    What is the Maximum Size of a Pedestrian Automatic Door?

    What is the Maximum Size of a Pedestrian Automatic Doors?

    We’ve already discussed that the type of pedestrian automatic entrance door you require will depend on the needs of your establishment. Whether you opt for a winged or sliding door will be a matter of personal preference, as the functionality of both is very similar. Nevertheless, one differing aspect is size. The majority of clients, as a result, like to know just how large automatic doors can get.

    The maximum overall size for pedestrian automatic doors, Fawley customers, is 8m in width. While this might seem like a big amount of space, the doors won’t appear to use up excessive room once they’ve been fitted into your property. If you believe that you’ll require large doors, it’s worth measuring your proposed space to see if you’ll have room.

    As 8m is the maximum width, any other smaller sizes can be custom-made to suit the requirements of companies. There are, of course, benefits to having big automatic doors; particularly, that bigger doors will make it possible for more people to go through into your building at a time. Overall size, like a lot of other factors of automatic doors, is up to personal preference and the size door you choose will, ultimately, be dependent on what’s best for your building.

    At Bolton Gate Services, we have a wide range of pedestrian automatic doors. Fawley customers will be able to browse through a range of dimensions in order to find a door type that is ideal for their premises. Our team would be happy to consult with you to discuss your needs and make recommendations based upon the door size that would be best for your building.

    Do You Offer Service or Maintenance of Pedestrian Automatic Doors

    Do You Offer Service or Maintenance of Pedestrian Automatic Doors?

    The simple answer to this question is yes, Bolton Gate Services does provide servicing and maintenance for pedestrian automatic doors, Fawley customers. We have years of experience in the industry during which we have been offering these services for numerous door types on countless properties. Our highly trained and fully certified team of engineers will know just how to proceed with your doors.

    We provide an absolutely free first examination for your Fawley pedestrian automatic doors in order to gain a fuller understanding of your exact needs. From this, depending on the regularity with which your doors are used, the type of property, and other variables, we will create a bespoke maintenance plan. The quantity of servicing visits carried out each year will depend upon the above elements, but all plans are created to your budget.

    Throughout our maintenance checks, if we find a small issue that can later become a major issue, we will perform the required adjustments. At Bolton Gate Services, we are here for the entire lifecycle of your doors, ensuring they are always running smoothly, functioning optimally, and remain compliant with health and safety regulations.

    When it comes to a breakdown, we are also available for efficient and fast repairs. We will be onsite within 4 hours of your first call to us with the parts and tools needed to carry out an essential first-time fix. There are many troubles with automatic doors that we have taken care of in the past, so you can rest assured knowing yours are in safe and capable hands.

    As the only upkeep company with 31 fully equipped and tactically placed depots throughout the UK, Bolton Gate Services is right here to be your only point of call when it involves pedestrian automatic doors. Fawley business owners and managers can now have confidence, understanding that there’s always a devoted local team on standby in case of an emergency!

    Despite your location, we are never ever greater than 4 hrs away. We can actually react also quicker than that and carry out a complete check of whichever situation you might be experiencing with your pedestrian automatic doors. Fawley can call us on 08085015480 and we will definitely take it from there!

    Fawley-based clients who want our servicing checks and extremely budget friendly maintenance packages can also e-mail us at south.east@boltongateservices.co.uk or send a quick message through our online enquiry form.

    All you need to do is leave your information, offer our team members a basic overview of the scenario (type of problem, number of doors at the grounds, etc.) and we will certainly get back to you as soon as possible making use of your preferred method of contact.

    At Bolton Gate Services, we’re beyond sure that as soon as you have experienced our special service first-hand, you will not use another company again. We’re really happy with the fact that a great deal of brand-new job comes our way through referrals and references, so you know that we’re here to not only meet your assumptions but surpass them!