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    Traffic barriers or boom barriers have been used for decades as an effective form of denying or allowing access to designated areas. One thing that hasn’t changed over the years is the requirement for a professional to keep an eye on traffic barriers.

    At Bolton Gate Services, we install, maintain, and also repair traffic barriers in Dundee and throughout the UK. If you require our assistance or would like to schedule a visit, call our Poole depot today 08085015480.

    Here to Assist with Traffic Barriers, Dundee Company Owners

    Our impressive knowledge and competence are the outcome of numerous years of performing repair, installation, and maintenance work for clients all over the UK. We’re certain that you will not find a more qualified or accomplished team than our Dundee traffic barriers experts. Whatever your circumstances, they have you covered.

    Perhaps you need a new set of traffic barriers. Dundee clients, we can supply a like-for-like option and install it for you quickly, getting you up and running in no time at all. It’s a legal requirement for all barriers to be serviced on a regular basis to ensure they remain safe for use. We offer a variety of bespoke servicing options tailored to all budgets and requirements.

    Our maintenance and repair visits will not only keep downtime to a minimum by making certain the continued operation of your barriers, but also provide evidence for your insurance provider. And in case things do go wrong, you can contact our mobile services night and day. We’re always available, even at four in the morning on a Bank Holiday.

    Why Choose Bolton Gate Services?

    At Bolton Gate Services, our company believe that it makes a difference who you look to for traffic barriers. Dundee customers, our team is included engineers educated to a minimum level of NVQ Level 2. And also as a company, we’re accredited by organisations such as CHAS, Safecontractor, and ADIA. Our team likewise hold a riches of certifications, which you can watch on our clear with security page.

    For more than 30 years, we’ve supported countless customers across the UK. We’ve provided assistance that’s spanned an array of doors, barriers, gates, lifts, and secure entrance systems. Just some of the areas we cover include:

    • Automatic Entrance Doors
    • Fire Shutter Doors
    • Gates for Lifts
    • Security Grilles
    • Electric Gates and Barriers
    • Secure Exit Lanes

    Our maintenance plans are created complying with a FREE first assessment in which we determine your requirements and budget. And for our repair work, we always strive for a first-time fix. For installations, we can be assured of like-for-like options that’ll fully satisfy the needs of your company. It’s no wonder then that when you take into consideration all this, we’re the organization so many people depend on for traffic barriers in Dundee.

    Dundee clients should call Bolton Gate Services today on 08085015480 if you would like to make additional enquiries regarding the installation, servicing, and repair of traffic barriers.

    Traffic barriers or boom barriers have been used for decades as an effective form of allowing or denying access to designated areas. At Bolton Gate Services, we install, maintain, and repair traffic barriers in Dundee and throughout the UK. We’re positive that you won’t find a more capable or experienced team than our Dundee traffic barriers specialists. At Bolton Gate Services, we believe that it makes a big difference who you turn to for traffic barriers. It’s no wonder then that when you consider all this, we’re the company so many people turn to for traffic barriers in Dundee.

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    What is a traffic barrier?

    What is a Traffic Barrier?

    Traffic barriers are a typical entrance type that can be located in many industrial premises. Their primary purpose is to control the flow of vehicles into a specific location, whether it be for security or for traffic control. As a durable entrance type, they can offer a number of various functions for clients. Over times, such barriers have increased in popularity because of their efficiency, manageable size, as well as affordability.

    Traffic Barriers, Dundee clients, are made up of a long pole that is connected to a metal control box. Traffic barriers, of course, are varied in design, but there’s more than enough options for there to be a fitting choice for every customer.

    You can find traffic barriers in various areas, each differing depending on their objective. As an example, car parks commonly have traffic barriers in Dundee so in order to regulate the flow of vehicles and to ensure that people pay before entering. In a similar way, traffic barriers can be found on commercial premises for security purposes. A traffic barrier will prevent cars from getting into a building unless they have the required access.

    At Bolton Gate Services, we’re pleased to supply the best traffic barriers on the market. Our team can take you through the broad range of options available to ensure that you end up with a suitable design.

    Where should you use a traffic barrier?

    Where Should You Use a Traffic Barrier?

    Traffic barriers, Dundee customers, can be utilised in a variety of areas as they are vital for regulating the flow of traffic. These are generally used in car parks where you have to pay for parking, with drivers collecting a ticket before the barriers are raised. In many cases, the barriers might be integrated with license plate recognition application, recognising when a car gets in and whether the car driver has actually paid for their stay prior to allowing them to leave.

    Traffic barriers can also be used at the entrances to numerous properties, particularly if the location in question is restricted. They make certain that only authorised vehicles can gain access to a premises, whether by the use of an access card, license plate recognition, entrance code, or by a member of staff.

    You will also see traffic barriers, Dundee customers, in cases where there are train tracks crossing the road. In these instances, the barriers will be lowered when a train is coming, ensuring cars stop to make it possible for the train to pass, before being raised after the train has actually gone.

    Usually, if you need to control traffic into or out of an area or provide security for a specific location, a traffic barrier is the ideal solution, whether manual or automated. Here at Bolton Gate Services, we have experience in all types of traffic barriers. So, if you want to have them installed or you require repair and maintenance services, you now know who to come to for support.

    Can traffic barriers be serviced or maintained?

    Can Traffic Barriers be Serviced or Maintained?

    In short, yes, traffic barriers can be both serviced and maintained. It’s less a question of can they be maintained and more one of who should do it? In order for your traffic barriers in Dundee to continue to be in top condition, you must have them seen to regularly by a qualified team. The good news is, we at Bolton Gate Services have staff with the experience, expertise, as well as skill to do the job.

    We realise that each set of traffic barriers is slightly different and that there isn’t a single fix to the problems encountered by all clients. Because of this, we always work with each client differently, taking on board their special enquiries to come up with an optimum solution. You can expect our team to be clear, concise as well as understanding whenever you reach out to them for help with your traffic barriers.

    The key to successful maintenance is regularity. Once every 5 years as this simply isn’t sufficient, it’s no use only having your traffic barriers serviced. We understand that it’s impractical for clients to have our staff turn up too frequently, as this can be disruptive. Because of this, we at Bolton Gate Services tailor our service strategies to the demands of each customer. Whether you need us weekly, monthly, or even annually, we can come up with a fitting schedule.

    It is worth noting that it is, in fact, a legal requirement to have routine maintenance carried out on your traffic barriers. Dundee customers can rest assured that our team will provide a Yellow Door Wallet, which can be shown to insurance provider as proof of upkeep.

    Why should you have a traffic barrier?

    Why Should You Have a Traffic Barrier?

    We’re frequently asked what the advantages of traffic barriers actually are. Traffic barriers, Dundee customers, or boom barriers are actually a very advantageous feature that’ll provide you with lots of advantages. For one, improved security and safety: entrance can be permitted or refused based on credentials. Plus, video cameras can be mounted to record the registration details of cars leaving and entering.

    If your industrial property has limited auto parking space, you can utilize traffic barriers in Dundee to limit access when the car park is full. These barriers can be utilized to prevent a car from leaving without paying for their ticket.

    Conversely, having a barrier prevents drivers from utilizing your car park without any intention of making use of your services. Traffic barriers, Dundee customers, also provide added privacy.

    Finally, if you’re looking into adding a gate, a traffic barrier is a far better choice. It doesn’t take up as much space as a swinging or sliding gate. Additionally, if you lose power, the boom gate can still be manually operated.

    Traffic barriers, Dundee customers, or boom barriers are actually a very advantageous feature that’ll provide you with many advantages. If your industrial property has limited car park space, you can make use of traffic barriers in Dundee to restrict access when the car park is full. Traffic barriers, Dundee clients, also provide added privacy.

    What are the key features of traffic barriers?

    What are the Key Features of Traffic Barriers?

    In terms of the aesthetics of a traffic barrier, it is a long bar or pole that is laid horizontally across an access point. The pole remains in that position until it is electronically triggered to move slowly upwards, eventually reaching an almost upright position. This then permits the waiting car to travel through.

    There are different types of traffic barriers, Dundee clients, with some end to end and others offset to block traffic in both directions. As well as being a physical barrier blocking access to particular locations, there are different ways for the barrier to be operated. For some, a push button will be used to operate the movement of the pole.

    Electronic sensors and loop detectors are also sometimes used for traffic barriers in Dundee, while an RFID reader is also a possibility. Some barriers are operated by means of a remote control or 3rd party control tools. As you can see, there are various ways to sync up the automated system, which is the primary feature of a traffic barrier.

    To make sure that these functions are functioning correctly, we have a team at Bolton Gate Services that can perform comprehensive examinations. We offer upkeep plans that will consist of our team examining the condition and safety features of your systems. It is essential that they adhere to the standards set out in the health and safety regulations.

    If you would like more information regarding our solutions or for more information concerning the functions of traffic barriers, get in touch with a member of our team by calling 08085015480

    How reliable are traffic barriers?

    How Reliable Are Traffic Barriers?

    As traffic barriers in Dundee can be a substantial financial investment, it’s understandable that clients would like to know how reliable they are. Each of the traffic barriers delivered by us at Bolton Gate Services has been built to last using the finest materials available. Rest assured that the systems we supply will last for many years and continue to function correctly. Maintenance needs to be brought out diligently to guarantee longevity.

    Clients frequently worry about the operation of traffic barriers and question whether they’ll open for customers correctly. Nearly all contemporary traffic barriers are equipped with sophisticated technology that allows them to open and close automatically.

    If by chance a failure results in the automatic feature not functioning correctly, there’s no need to worry, as each traffic barrier will have a manual override. This attribute means that even if your automatic barriers can not operate on their own, you can still use them by hand without there being any kind of disruption to day-to-day operations. As such, you can depend on your barriers to still be functional even if they encounter a minor fault.

    In addition to everything else, traffic barriers, Dundee clients, are a more low maintenance option. While it is still crucial to have your barriers serviced every now and then, they do not call for anywhere near as much attention as gates in order to continue working correctly.

    Are traffic barriers simple to install?

    Are Traffic Barriers Simple to Install?

    The response to this question is yes indeed; they are extremely easy to install. Long as you hire a professional team of specialists like the Bolton Gate Services team, you’ll be covered.

    To get started, simply give our team a telephone call, and we’ll organize a suitable time for a member of our team to visit you to discuss your demands in person. They’ll take down important information, carry a site evaluation, and recommend the best option for your new traffic barriers. Dundee clients, we only provide the best options, created, and built by trusted producers.

    These choices will not let you down and will provide you with years of reliable service. As soon as we have an approximation of your needs, we’ll schedule in a time and date to deliver and install your brand-new traffic barriers in Dundee. For every traffic barrier installed by us, we assign an engineer educated to a minimum standard of NVQ Level 2. They possess the expertise, abilities, and tools needed to guarantee a professional installment.

    Once installed, we’ll test your barriers, making sure that they function properly and safely. If you should experience any type of issues with your traffic barriers, Dundee clients, know that we’re always here to help.

    They’ll take down important information, carry a site evaluation, and recommend the best option for your new traffic barriers. When we have a rough idea of your needs, we’ll schedule in a time and date to deliver and install your new traffic barriers in Dundee. For every traffic barrier installed by us, we assign an engineer educated to a minimum standard of NVQ Level 2.

    Are traffic barriers easy to operate?

    Are Traffic Barriers Easy to Operate?

    If you have been thinking of investing in traffic barriers for your property but are worried about whether they are easy to operate, we are here to set your mind at ease. Here at Bolton Gate Services, we can claim without any doubt that they are extremely easy to operate, whether you go with manual or automated. The appeal of traffic barriers, Dundee clients, is that they are such a straightforward piece of equipment.

    You will find that there are minimal functions or moving components to traffic barriers, which aids in their simplicity. With a hand operated system, a guard will simply lower the barrier and also raise by hand, allowing access for vehicles.

    An automatic system, while more intricate, is still an extremely easy system to use. A car driver merely pulls up and swipes, enters a code, or has their license plate read and the barrier will lift automatically to allow entrance. In cases where none of the above is necessary, the sensor will merely register a car approaching and have the pole rise, allowing entrance.

    With the simplicity of their features and systems, you will find that you are much less likely to experience breakdowns and malfunction with traffic barriers, Dundee clients. However, on the off chance that yours do require any kind of assistance, or an impact has damaged them, we are on hand to help at Bolton Gate Services. We can carry out swift and efficient repair services to ensure your barriers are back up and running again in no time.

    Are traffic barriers durable?

    Are Traffic Barriers Durable?

    Traffic barriers, Dundee clients, are extremely durable and multifunctional, which is why they’re an outright must at busy warehouses and distribution centres. There are 2 crucial ways to guarantee that they continue to be durable and have a long service life.

    The first is picking a reliable installment company with a proven history of excellence that can source systems from a well-known producer who only makes use of high-quality source materials. There are many different operations for modern traffic barriers in Dundee, so customisability is constantly an option.

    The second crucial element of having traffic barriers Dundee business owners need to know is proper maintenance. This is where Bolton Gate Services comes in to assist and make sure that the barriers last for many years to come without faltering!

    Anything remote-controlled or automatic has to be checked on a frequent basis by qualified engineers to make sure optimal operation all the time, whether that’s roller shutters, automatic pedestrian doors or traffic barriers.

    Dundee clients can place their trust in Bolton Gate Services as we have many years of experience in the business. We have the ability to reply to urgent requests in just a couple of hrs in case your barriers have endured impact damages or suddenly malfunctioned.

    The best method to maintain this from occurring to begin with, though, is signing up for one of our competitively priced maintenance packages. This procedure would include one of our qualified specialists checking out the premises at a convenient time to examine the systems as well as detect any potential issues before they even emerge.

    When any of their systems stop functioning as this can lead to compromised safety and potentially lost revenue, it’s obviously not ideal for business owners. With Bolton Gate Services on your side, you will never need to stress over this again!

    So, if you’re convinced that we’re the best option for traffic barriers, Dundee customers shouldn’t hesitate to contact us at Bolton Gate Services today. Our team are always happy to go over our purchasing options in more detail, so make sure to reach out if you ‘d like to take advantage. We can advise you on which traffic barriers would be best for your site and schedule a convenient date upon which to visit and have them installed.

    Our team are always available to reach over the phone on 08085015480, so be sure to give them a call if you have any kind of specific queries. We will always listen to your query carefully and do our best to advise on the next best course of action. This will be the case whether you need help with buying new barriers or need emergency maintenance or repair work.

    Alternatively, you can contact our team via e-mail at info@boltongateservices.com, or by filling out our online contact form. Here, you can clarify your enquiry in detail, and a member of our team will take the time to look over it thoroughly. If necessary, we can then get back to you with the required information and even schedule for our staff to visit your site. Through these contact methods, reaching our specialists has never been simpler.

    Remember, we’re available 24/7, 365 days a year, so no matter what your query is, we can help whenever it is required. Our team will always be clear, concise, and friendly when you reach out, so you can expect nothing but the best service whenever you contact us.

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