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    There’s a good possibility that you already use traffic barriers at the premises if your operations are primarily handled from a warehouse or a distribution centrein Donhead St Andrew. They’re a really excellent choice for many different demands, so people need to ensure that their barriers are always in good condition and properly maintained.

    Here at Bolton Gate Services, we’re the top choice when it comes to the upkeep and professional servicing of traffic barriers. Donhead St Andrew business owners and distribution centre managers can depend on our speed, professionalism, industry expertise and fantastic customer service skills!

    Have your traffic barriers recently malfunctioned? Maybe they’ve been unintentionally damaged by a moving car. Whatever the situation might be, you need to act quick in order to ensure that your business operations aren’t jeopardized and there’s no unwanted downtime.

    With Bolton Gate Services as your maintenance company of choice, you can be sure that someone will always be nearby to carry out a service check. This is because we operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, whatever the weather!

    Professional Servicing and Maintenance for Traffic Barriers Donhead St Andrew Can Always Count On

    While traffic barriers are high-quality systems that are typically really dependable, it doesn’t mean that breakdowns and accidents don’t occur. This is particularly common for barriers that aren’t appropriately maintained by a team of professional engineers.

    Stay one step ahead of any kind of issues and potentially requiring costly repair services by enlisting Bolton Gate Services for routine check-ups. Our maintenance packages are very convenient and competitively priced, always tailored to your specific timetable and needs!

    From small concerns with Donhead St Andrew traffic barriers, such as a faulty remote, to serious emergency situations like a moving vehicle crashing into it, Bolton Gate Services can assist. We have seen it all before during our many years of effective service.

    At Bolton Gate Services, we maintain our own fleet of vans that are always fully stocked with the essential specialist industry tools and common extra parts that we may need to get the issue sorted quickly and thoroughly!

    Be Proactive with Assistance from Bolton Gate Services in Donhead St Andrew

    Once we’re done with our inspection, you can be certain that your traffic barriers in Donhead St Andrew will be totally fit for purpose and functioning to maximum capacity, perfectly in line with manufacturer recommendations. You won’t have to worry about lost income or a security violation!

    We have been in the business for many years now, so our engineers will have the ability to pinpoint potential issues before they even emerge during a service check, saving you money on potentially costly repairs in the long term.

    All of our servicing checks will be logged and you will be provided with a printed record that outlines everything that’s been done over the years. This can be kept for your records and provided as proof for your insurance provider that the traffic barriers are perfectly fit for purpose and functioning optimally!

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    What is a traffic barrier?

    What is a Traffic Barrier?

    Traffic barriers are a typical entrance type that can be located in numerous commercial premises. Their main function is to regulate the flow of vehicles into a specific location, whether it be for security or for traffic control. As a durable entrance type, they can serve a variety of different functions for customers. Over the years, such barriers have increased in popularity as a result of their efficiency, convenient size, and affordability.

    Traffic Barriers, Donhead St Andrew clients, are made up of a long pole that is connected to a metal control box. Traffic barriers, of course, are varied in design, however there’s more than enough options for there to be a fitting choice for every customer.

    You can find traffic barriers in countless different locations, each differing depending on their objective. For instance, car parks frequently have traffic barriers in Donhead St Andrew so in order to regulate the flow of vehicles and to ensure that people pay prior to entering. Traffic barriers can be located on industrial premises for security reasons. A traffic barrier will stop cars from getting into a property unless they have the required access.

    At Bolton Gate Services, we’re thrilled to offer the best traffic barriers on the market. Our team can take you through the wide variety of options available to make sure that you end up with a suitable version.

    Where should you use a traffic barrier?

    Where Should You Use a Traffic Barrier?

    As they’re such a functional entrance type, traffic barriers, Donhead St Andrew clients, can be used in various places. It is because they come in such a broad range of sizes and serve multiple functions that customers from all backgrounds continue to invest in them. As previously stated, industrial properties might use traffic barriers for security reasons so as to keep out trespassers from restricted areas.

    Traffic barriers are also a typical sight at level crossings. Here, traffic barriers play a vital role as they keep vehicles off the tracks when trains are travelling by. This is an example of how traffic barriers can be used as a safety attribute. Car parks also use traffic barriers at their entryway and exit. Such barriers prevent individuals from entering the car park without paying and ensure that only those with a ticket are allowed to leave.

    In some circumstances, traffic barriers, Donhead St Andrew clients, can also be used to steady the circulation of traffic. During busy times of the day, especially rush hour, congested traffic on smaller roads can cause major disruption if not regulated. It is in these circumstances where traffic barriers become extremely valuable.

    At Bolton Gate Services, we realize that there are many different usages for traffic barriers as well as areas in which they can be fitted. We want to ensure that customers get the most out of their barriers, so we’re more than happy to suggest on where they ‘d best be positioned. You can reach out friendly team of the phone today to take advantage of their helpful advice.

    Can traffic barriers be serviced or maintained?

    Can Traffic Barriers Be Serviced or Maintained?

    Yes, they can and that’s exactly what we specialise in at Bolton Gate Services– the maintenance and servicing of all types of traffic barriers Donhead St Andrew residents might be using and relying on at their place of business.

    Frequently, we get called out to look at Donhead St Andrew traffic barriers that have suddenly stopped working, gotten stuck or there’s a problem with the remote control. If the barriers haven’t been efficiently maintained by a trained team of professionals, these things are common.

    There are also instances where a moving vehicle has accidentally crashed into the traffic barriers. Donhead St Andrew clients can rest assured that at Bolton Gate Services, we will do our absolute best to repair the damages, with substitutions only the last alternative in really dire circumstances.

    As skilled Donhead St Andrew traffic barrier professionals, we will know exactly what to look and consider out for when arriving at your worksite. Our engineers will secure the premises and conduct a thorough inspection to get to the bottom of the trouble.

    This generally doesn’t take very long because chances are that we’ve dealt with a similar issue before.We will offer you a step by step solution to getting the problem gotten rid of once we have a comprehensive summary of what’s happened.

    We’re positive that you will appreciate our industry knowledge, speed as well as professionalism. We would also be happy to talk you through our convenient maintenance plans that will ensure you won’t need any expensive repair services later on as we’ll be able to identify possible issues before they arise!

    Why should you have a traffic barrier?

    Why Should You Have a Traffic Barrier?

    We’re frequently asked what the advantages of traffic barriers actually are. Traffic barriers, Donhead St Andrew clients, or boom barriers are actually a very beneficial attribute that’ll provide you with numerous advantages.

    If your commercial property has limited parking space, you can use traffic barriers in Donhead St Andrew to limit access when the parking lot is full. In a similar way, these barriers can be made use of to stop a vehicle from leaving without paying for their ticket. Such an attribute negates the demand for an auto parking assistant as payment can be handled by an on-site payment machine. The barrier will permit a vehicle to leave as soon as a valid, paid-for ticket has been inserted.

    This is additionally a terrific way to generate income from parking spaces, especially if your business is centrally located close to public attractions. Alternatively, having a barrier prevents drivers from using your car park with no intent of utilising your services. Traffic barriers, Donhead St Andrew customers, also provide added privacy. When shut, members of the public can not drive up to the property, which is practical in certain situations.

    If you’re looking into adding a gate, a traffic barrier is a far better option. It doesn’t occupy as much space as a swinging or sliding gate. Additionally, if you lose power, the boom gate can still be manually operated.

    Traffic barriers, Donhead St Andrew clients, or boom barriers are actually a really beneficial attribute that’ll provide you with many benefits. If your commercial property has limited auto parking room, you can utilize traffic barriers in Donhead St Andrew to restrict access when the car park is full. Traffic barriers, Donhead St Andrew clients, also provide added privacy.

    What are the key features of traffic barriers?

    What Are the Key Elements of Traffic Barriers?

    This is a fairly simple question to answer as the truth is, traffic barriers, Donhead St Andrew customers, do not really consist of many elements. They are a rather basic kind of entry, minimalist in design yet really efficient at managing the flow of traffic while providing privacy as well as safety. Unlike sliding and swinging gates, they don’t use up much space as a result of their slim profile.

    The primary feature of traffic barriers in Donhead St Andrew is the pole, alternatively known as the bar or boom. The pole is typically painted red and white to make it stand out to approaching traffic. Usually, a 2nd boom is mounted below that resembles a flat panel of sorts. This is designed to increase versatility and folds up as the pole is elevated.

    The 2nd feature is a basic metallic stand that typically sits to the right of the control box. This serves as a means of supporting the pole when it’s closed, hence, preventing the pole from exerting pressure on the hinge end and/ or collapsing. The control box, usually located on the left-hand side, is where all the electronics for the barrier are housed. This is the component that would usually be the primary focus of our service and repair teams.

    At Bolton Gate Services, we’re intimately familiar with all the key elements of traffic barriers. Donhead St Andrew clients can have complete guarantees that when they choose to call our specialists, they’ll be collaborating with a team of qualified specialists.

    How reliable are traffic barriers?

    How Reliable are Traffic Barriers?

    This is a question we get asked quite often at Bolton Gate Services, and the simple answer is that traffic barriers, Donhead St Andrew customers, are really reliable when looked after. They are pretty basic pieces of equipment with few features and moving parts, which means that they are easy and simple to use while being less prone to breakdowns and malfunctions.

    We provide bespoke maintenance plans for all of our customers, with the regularity of visits reliant upon the use of your barriers. Our team will thoroughly inspect your traffic barriers in Donhead St Andrew, carrying out any changes that might be needed for minor problems.

    By investing in our upkeep services, you will be making certain that your traffic barriers are running effectively and optimally at all times. We can have your barriers in full working order, making sure that they can be raised and lowered quickly and smoothly whenever a vehicle pulls up. This will lead to the smooth regulation of cars into and out of your property.

    If you spot that your barriers have suffered from impact damage, their reliability can be impacted, yet this is a simple fix with our team on hand. We will carry out a quick and efficient repair work to get your barriers back up and running again in no time.

    Are traffic barriers simple to install?

    Are Traffic Barriers Simple to Install?

    The reply to this question is yes indeed; they are really easy to install. Long as you hire a professional team of specialists like the Bolton Gate Services team, you’ll be covered.

    To get started, simply give our team a call, and we’ll arrange a convenient time for a member of our team to visit you to review your needs face to face. They’ll take down important details, carry a site evaluation, and recommend the best option for your new traffic barriers. Donhead St Andrew clients, we only supply the best options, created, and constructed by trusted manufacturers.

    These options will not let you down and will provide you with many years of trustworthy service. We’ll schedule in a time and date to deliver and install your new traffic barriers in Donhead St Andrew when we have a rough idea of your demands. For every single traffic barrier installed by us, we assign an engineer educated to a minimum standard of NVQ Level 2. They have the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to assure a professional installation.

    Once installed, we’ll test your barriers, making sure that they function properly and securely. If you should come across any problems with your traffic barriers, Donhead St Andrew customers, know that we’re always here to help. From upkeep and servicing to emergency repairs, we’re with you for the full lifecycle of your barriers. So, make sure to get in touch to get started!

    They’ll take down important information, carry a site assessment, and suggest the greatest option for your brand-new traffic barriers. As soon as we have a rough idea of your needs, we’ll book in a time and date to deliver and install your brand-new traffic barriers in Donhead St Andrew. For every traffic barrier installed by us, we assign an engineer educated to a minimum standard of NVQ Level 2.

    Are traffic barriers easy to operate?

    Are Traffic Barriers Easy to Operate?

    One of the questions we are most often asked is just how easy is it to run traffic barriers? Simply put, traffic barriers require little effort on the part of the individual, and because of this, are near easy to operate. Thanks to the automatic function of most traffic barriers, you don’t even need to think about going through this kind of entrance.

    Automatic traffic barriers, Donhead St Andrew customers, make up the majority of the modern market. When it is required, these units will certainly have specialised mechanisms installed that means it is not necessary for somebody to run the barrier. If you’re driving a vehicle in the direction of the barrier, and it is authorised to pass through, the pole will be raised by the control box unit, allowing you to go through.

    If your automatic feature is not working for whatever reason, or your model just does not have one, then manual override is also unbelievably easy to operate. Instead of needing to lift the pole feature of the unit on your own, you’ll need only to open the control box and operate the barrier from there. This is a very simple procedure that can be shown to any member of staff that is in charge of ensuring that the barrier is working properly.

    At Bolton Gate Services, we understand the value of both automatic and manual traffic barriers, which is why we provide a broad selection of both. When you consult with our team, they will recommend you on which option would be most ideal for your requirements.

    Are traffic barriers durable?

    Are Traffic Barriers Durable?

    Given the consistent use of them, you can rest assured understanding that all Donhead St Andrew traffic barriers are really durable. A number of them are made to go the distance, with many boom barriers remaining in places for years on end. To maintain the durable nature of these systems, they are built using premium-grade materials.

    They are manufactured from steel as well as consist of a stainless steel barrier real estate. This indicates that not just will it be a sturdy existence, yet it will also prevent corrosion and will be able to take care of frequent usage.

    It is vital to note that if a car collides with the barrier at a high speed, the pole can be ripped from its stand and sustain damages. We would certainly encourage that a supporting strut be incorporated into the system, but at great pressure, it is most likely that any type of traffic barriers in Donhead St Andrew might be damaged.

    Benefit is quite key when it concerns traffic barriers, particularly if you choose electro-mechanical ones. Here at Bolton Gate Services, we have a group of qualified and experienced engineers that provide expert installation services. Rest assured that our procedures are meticulous, so absolutely nothing will be missed when we get to work!

    Our group are more than happy to discuss the advantages and features of your traffic barriers to make sure that you can are totally knowledgeable about their function. Keep in mind that we can also supply routine servicing and maintenance checks to make sure that your systems adhere to health and safety regulations.

    If you’re convinced that we’re the best option for traffic barriers, Donhead St Andrew customers shouldn’t hesitate to call us at Bolton Gate Services today. Our team are always ready to review our purchasing options in more detail, so be sure to reach out if you ‘d like to take advantage. We can advise you on which traffic barriers would be best for your site and arrange a convenient date upon which to visit and have them installed.

    Our team are always available to reach over the phone on 08085015480, so be sure to give them a call if you have any kind of specific queries. We will always listen to your query carefully and do our best to advise on the next best course of action. This will be the case whether you need help with buying new barriers or require emergency maintenance or repair work.

    You can contact our team via e-mail at, or by filling out our online contact form. We can then get back to you with the needed information and also arrange for our staff to visit your site if needed.

    Don’t forget, we’re available 24/7, 365 days a year, so no matter what your query is, we can help whenever it is required. Our staff will always be clear, concise, and friendly when you reach out, so you can expect nothing but the best service whenever you call us.

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