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    Are you looking for a dependable company that specialises in industrial and commercial doors, shutters and gates. Well, here at Bolton Gate Services, we boast a team of highly qualified and professional engineers that are experts in all manner of high-powered doors and gates, including traffic barriers. Burbage clients should know that we are one of the UK’s leading companies in installations, maintenance and repairs.

    We Look After Your Burbage Traffic Barriers

    Traffic barriers come in multiple forms yet they are all used for safety purposes. By mounting a traffic barrier on your site, you are telling either pedestrians or vehicle users that they can not access particular locations. This could be because the area itself is dangerous or restricted to certain workers.

    There are various types of traffic barriers in Burbage, and they are frequently found in car parks, enabling to control the flow of vehicles entering the facility. It is critical that these systems are in good working order and contain all the necessary safety features. By enlisting the expertise of our engineers, we can keep an eye on your barriers.

    It can not be stressed enough that safety is essential as the barriers; principal purpose is to enforce this. We can schedule regular examinations, in which we will inspect all safety features and the function of your traffic barriers.


    By examining the barriers periodically, our engineers can flag up any kind of prospective issues that could escalate to severe issues. If minor repairs are needed, we can carry them out there and then, preventing you from needing to pay a costly fee in the future. If your barriers do not adhere to health and safety legislation, you could face a fine and your insurance coverage could be void.

    24/7 Emergency Callouts

    There are many aspects of our company that makes us stand above others in our field, and one of those features is our emergency callout service. Our team of engineers operate 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. This means that if you encounter a sudden problem with your Burbage traffic barriers; for instance, they malfunction or a vehicle crashes into them, we can help.

    Throughout the country we have strategically positioned depots, meaning that we can guarantee a quick reaction time. In fact, we vow to be on your site within 4 hrs of your phone call, no matter the time of day or night. Our dependable services put us apart from any other figure in the sector.

    It is always our endeavour to carry out a first-time repair on traffic barriers in Burbage thanks to the wealth of equipment we carry in our fleet of vans. If the issue is more severe or calls for an additional part, we will implement a temporary fix and return to complete the repair.

    Well, here at Bolton Gate Services, we boast a team of highly qualified and experienced engineers that are professionals in all manner of high-powered doors and gates, including traffic barriers. Traffic barriers come in various types but they are all used for safety purposes. There are numerous types of traffic barriers in Burbage, and they are typically found in car parks, helping to manage the circulation of automobiles entering the facility. We can set up routine examinations, in which we will check all safety features as well as the function of your traffic barriers. It is always our endeavour to do a first-time fix on traffic barriers in Burbage thanks to the wealth of equipment we carry in our fleet of vans.

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    What is a traffic barrier?

    What Is A Traffic Barrier?

    Traffic barriers– frequently also referred to as safety barriers or guard rails– supply the ideal system for restricting access to a loading bay or a storage facility. Most modern units are really simple and remote-controlled to use.

    High-quality barriers are an absolute must-have unit at a busy warehouse or a distribution centre to keep your stock secure and also control the traffic flow into the facilities. Therefore, it’s obviously not ideal if they all of a sudden stop functioning or get mistakenly damaged by a moving vehicle.

    Whichever type of traffic barriers Burbage business owners may be utilising at their facilities, the Bolton Gate Services group will manage to assist as we have years of experience with numerous different systems from all of the best-known suppliers in the business.

    The crucial method to see to it that you will not need to call out a team for urgent emergency repair work is by getting the proficiency of expert engineers like Bolton Gate Services that is experts in traffic barriers in Burbage.

    This is due to the fact that we provide the most competitively priced servicing and maintenance packages that you’ll manage to get in the area. The process would involve one of our qualified engineers seeing your facilities at a time that’s most practical for you.

    Thanks to our years of hands-on experience in the business and very useful industry knowledge, we will be able to identify possible challenges well before they even arise as well as ensure that underlying issues are nipped in the bud before they get a possibility to worsen and cause trouble for your day-to-day procedures!

    Where should you use a traffic barrier?

    Where Should You Use a Traffic Barrier?

    The fact is, there are numerous areas which might benefit from traffic barriers, Burbage clients. Most frequently, these barriers can be located at level crossings, drawbridges, car parking entryways, facilities, as well as checkpoints to areas which are restricted.

    At crossings, for instance, they lower right into spot whenever a train is approaching, stopping vehicles and pedestrians from wandering out and getting hit. Traffic barriers are regularly found at toll booths as well as motorway entryway ramps.

    In some built-up areas, traffic barriers can even be used as traffic calming measures, lowered across urban streets to help slow the flow of traffic. Typically, whenever they are used, they are designed to allow automated access for emergency vehicles, such as ambulances and fire engines. As you can see from the above info, traffic barriers in Burbage have a lot of uses associated with them.

    Here at Bolton Gate Services, whatever your demands, you can trust us to be there to install, maintain, and service your traffic barriers, Burbage clients. We can mount barriers on practically any type of residential or commercial property, and for almost any need. To get started, simply give us a call today.

    Can traffic barriers be serviced or maintained?

    Can Traffic Barriers Be Serviced or Maintained?

    We have over 30 years of experience maintaining doors, gates, and barriers for clients throughout the industrial and commercial fields. And this includes traffic barriers, Burbage customers.

    We recognise that no barriers are the same therefore we do not offer a “one-size-fits-all” service. We’ll start with a FREE preliminary examination in which we’ll assess the condition of your traffic barriers in Burbage. Taking into consideration the age and use of the barriers as well as the supplier’s suggestions, we’ll create a scheme to fit your budget.

    A servicing scheme will outline a set number of visits which will occur yearly. These visits will follow a pre-agreed timetable that fits around you and your staff members. Each visit will be attended by one of our highly qualified engineers. They’ll carry out a series of checks, such as force tests, minor adjustments, component replacements, and spot repairs. All these checks are intended to keep your barriers functioning safely.

    Servicing for traffic barriers, Burbage clients is a legal requirement. You are required to maintain your barriers working securely and, in fact, this is also a requirement of the majority of insurance companies.

    And this includes traffic barriers, Burbage customers.

    We’ll start with a FREE first assessment in which we’ll evaluate the condition of your traffic barriers in Burbage. Servicing for traffic barriers, Burbage clients is a legal requirement.

    Why should you have a traffic barrier?

    Why Should You Have a Traffic Barrier?

    Traffic barriers, while not as pricey as other entrance types, are still a substantial financial investment. This leads to lots of customers wondering why they should invest in traffic barriers. Burbage clients will be glad to know that there are many benefits to having a traffic barrier. These entrance types serve numerous purposes that they’re one of the most flexible options on the market. Keep reading to get more information about how traffic barriers can benefit you.

    Among the most apparent benefits of traffic barriers is the security they offer. Having traffic barriers in place to close off restricted locations will guarantee that no intruders make their way onto your property with vehicles. Having traffic barriers in place for security reasons will also offer you a checkpoint through which you can let through visitors once they have actually been vetted.

    Traffic barriers, Burbage clients, can additionally be used to help you earn more money in your car park. Having a traffic barrier will stop individuals from skipping on car parking fees as they will only be able to enter once they have paid the required fare.

    On a final note, it’s worth mentioning that traffic barriers are a far more affordable, versatile, and also tactile option than gates. While the latter may be better fit for purpose in some cases, there are rarely occasions where a traffic barrier is an inferior choice. So, if you’re considering a pricey investment in a gate, take a look at whether a traffic barrier would do the job first.

    Having traffic barriers in place for security reasons will also offer you a checkpoint through which you can let through visitors once they have actually been vetted.

    Traffic barriers, Burbage customers, can likewise be used to help you make more money in your car park. Having a traffic barrier will prevent individuals from skipping on parking fees as they will only be able to get in once they have paid the required fare.

    What are the key features of traffic barriers?

    What Are the Key Elements of Traffic Barriers?

    In essence, traffic barriers are relatively simple pieces of equipment and do not actually boast that many features. The main body of your traffic barriers, Burbage clients, is the pole that goes across the entry. This is attached to a mechanism on one side which manages the raising and lowering of the pole.

    The fact that there aren’t many components to your standard traffic barrier in fact works to your advantage, as it makes them easy and simple to use. Additionally, without as many functioning components, there is less possibility of something breaking or malfunctioning, which may call for expensive repair work further down the line.

    As the highlight of Burbage traffic barriers is the pole, you will find that these pieces of equipment occupy very little space once installed. In comparison to a gate, which can also control traffic into and out of an area, barriers take up a very small part of the entrance. They can also be raised and lowered quicker than a gate can be opened and closed.

    Having said that, you can invest in additional features if you like to. To completely automate the process of exiting or entering through the barriers, you can incorporate license plate recognition or a swipe card or entrance code. This allows a driver to simply pull up, swipe, enter the code, or have the reader verify their license plate prior to being permitted entry.

    Here at Bolton Gate Services, we have years of experience in dealing with traffic barriers, so we can advise as to which type will work best for your properties.

    How reliable are traffic barriers?

    How Reliable Are Traffic Barriers?

    We’re frequently asked this question, and the answer is that traffic barriers, Burbage clients, are very reliable. They are designed and built to last, so you can be certain that no matter what, they’ll keep working for many, many years to come. They are built to run even in fierce weather. So, no matter how stormy things get, your barriers will not let you down.

    In regards to usage, there is a myriad of ways to run automated traffic barriers. In Burbage, clients of Bolton Gate Services can choose push-button, remote control, RFID tags/ RFID reader, loop detectors, optoelectronic sensors, or any other third-party device. With so many ways to control them, you can have your own set up to work just the way you want it.

    Additionally, if an automated barrier ought to ever fail, there’s a manual override which can be used to open and close the boom. Such versatility means that traffic barriers, Burbage clients, can be used even in the event of a power outage. So, those that need to gain access somewhere still can, and those inside say, a car park, will not find themselves trapped inside.

    The integrity of boom barriers is mostly down to their electro-mechanical design. As a result, traffic barriers in Burbage are low-maintenance and can be depended on in an array of different situations.

    Are traffic barriers simple to install?

    Are Traffic Barriers Simple to Install?

    This is yet another question that we get asked quite often here at Bolton Gate Services, and again there is a simple answer; yes, they are simple to install if the staff has the knowledge. Well, our expert team certainly have the expertise and experience to make the setup of traffic barriers, Burbage customers, look simple and very easy.

    We have serviced many properties for many years, installing countless different types of traffic barriers, so we will know exactly how to proceed with your installation. As these barriers are such simple pieces of equipment, with minimal amount of features or moving components, they are a lot easier to install than one might originally think, especially when compared to various other entry barriers such as gates.

    Many traffic barriers in Burbage can be installed as either manual or automated, but both are simple to install. While a manually run barrier is easier to install because of its simplicity, an automated system doesn’t require that much more work. The main post, with the mechanism to work the pole, simply needs to be secured firmly to the mechanism and the ground connected.

    This is all something that our expert team have years of experience in carrying out. When you come to Bolton Gate Services for your Burbage traffic barriers, we can have yours installed and ready to go in no time at all. Plus, we work to your schedule to make the installment even less troublesome for you, guaranteeing there is minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations.

    When you need barriers installed, you now know where to come.

    Are traffic barriers easy to operate?

    Are Traffic Barriers Easy to Control?

    We frequently get asked this question by our customers who might be unaccustomed with the operation of traffic barriers. Burbage customers, the short answer is yes; they are really simple to operate. No specific training is required and anybody, even a member of the public, can open and close them. That being said, it’s optimal to limit this to authorised members of personnel so as to avoid any type of legal problems.

    In case of an emergency situation, however, the manual override makes it easy to promptly open or close a barrier as required. During normal operations, boom barriers will generally open and close on their own, with no effort needed by an actual person. This could be by means of a sensor or remote control, or the barrier may be directly linked to your car park’s payment system.

    Of course, not all traffic barriers in Burbage are automatic. Manual options exist too, and these are as straightforward as exerting a downward force on the counterweight to raise the pole.

    Here at Bolton Gate Services, we set up both automated and manual traffic barriers. Burbage customers, regardless of which option you pick, know that barriers are one of the most convenient entrance solutions to operate. They are developed with versatility, efficiency, ease-of-use, and also safety and security in mind.

    Are traffic barriers durable?

    Are Traffic Barriers Durable?

    Given the consistent use of them, you can rest assured understanding that all Burbage traffic barriers are very durable. Many of them are developed to go the distance, with many boom barriers remaining in places for years on end. To maintain the durable nature of these systems, they are developed using premium-grade materials.

    They are made from steel and also include a stainless steel barrier housing. This implies that not only will it be a durable visibility, however it will also prevent rust and also will be able to take care of constant use.

    However, it is necessary to keep in mind that if a car hits the barrier at a high speed, the pole could be ripped from its stand and sustain damage. We would certainly suggest that a supporting strut be incorporated into the system, but at great force, it is likely that any traffic barriers in Burbage would be damaged.

    Convenience is significantly key when it comes to traffic barriers, particularly if you choose electro-mechanical ones. Here at Bolton Gate Services, we have a team of qualified and experienced engineers that offer expert installation services. Feel confident that our procedures are meticulous, so nothing will be missed when we get to work!

    Our team are more than happy to explain the benefits and features of your traffic barriers so that you can are completely familiar with their function. We can also provide routine servicing and maintenance checks to guarantee that your systems adhere to health and safety regulations.

    If you’re convinced that we’re the best option for traffic barriers, Burbage clients shouldn’t hesitate to contact us at Bolton Gate Services today. Our team are always ready to discuss our purchasing options in more detail, so be sure to reach out if you ‘d like to take advantage. We can advise you on which traffic barriers would be best for your site and schedule a convenient date upon which to visit and have them installed.

    Our team are always available to reach over the phone on 08085015480, so be sure to give them a call if you have any kind of specific questions. We will always listen to your query carefully and do our best to advise on the next best course of action. This will be the case whether you need help with buying new barriers or require emergency maintenance or repair work.

    You can contact our team via email at info@boltongateservices.com, or by filling out our online contact form. We can then get back to you with the required information and even arrange for our staff to visit your site if needed.

    Don’t forget, we’re available 24/7, 365 days a year, so no matter what your query is, we can assist whenever it is required. Our staff will always be clear, concise, and friendly when you reach out, so you can expect nothing but the best service whenever you contact us.

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