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    Are you searching for a reputable team of professionals that specialise in pedestrian automatic doors? Bakewell-based companies should look no further than Bolton Gate Services. We boast a team of committed and experienced engineers that should be your first option for repair and maintenance. As a company, we specialise in high-performance doors in the commercial and industrial fields.

    Maintenance Plans for Bakewell Pedestrian Automatic Doors

    Many people will see automatic doors on a regular basis as they are commonly used in a great deal of public buildings. As an example, many supermarkets and shopping centres use these doors, as do hotels and hospitals. Given that they are used frequently, it is essential that they stay in top condition. If they fail to meet regulations, then your business could be penalised, and insurance void.

    In the event that the door breaks down or it doesn’t open, it can pose a safety threat to individuals walking through. Additionally, if this is the only entrance point to your building, then it will stop customers from visiting your establishment, potentially resulting in a loss of revenue.

    Here at Bolton Gate Services, we can make certain that your pedestrian automatic doors in Bakewell are in strong working order. We will inspect your doors and determine any sort of problems that we come across.

    24/7 Repairs

    In addition to carrying out frequent maintenance examinations on your pedestrian automatic doors, Bakewell clients should know that we are available for 24/7 repair services. We run a 24-hour emergency callout service, which means that if you need sudden assistance, an engineer will be on your site. Even if it is 4am on a bank holiday Monday, we will answer your call and work immediately on fixing the problem.

    We vow to send an engineer to your premises within 4 hrs of you getting in touch. We can guarantee that fast response time here at Bolton Gate Services due to the fact that we have depots positioned strategically across the country. The repair itself will be executed as swiftly as feasible. Our fleet of vehicles come equipped with all the relevant tools and equipment to carry out a first-time fix.

    In the event that a first-time fix is not possible, we will make sure that the area is safely secured before leaving. Our temporary repair will be in place until we can return to finalise the repair. Every one of our engineers operate efficiently to ensure that your Bakewell pedestrian automatic doors are in the very best condition.

    If you want to find out more relevant information regarding our repair and maintenance services, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team. You can acquire the information you need by calling 08085015480 Alternatively, you can contact us by sending an email to We can arrange for one of our engineers to visit your premises as soon as you have told us what you require.

    Are you searching for a reputable team of experts that specialise in pedestrian automatic doors? Many people will see automatic doors on a regular basis as they are commonly used in a lot of public buildings. Here at Bolton Gate Services, we can make certain that your pedestrian automatic doors in Bakewell are in strong working order. As conducting routine maintenance checks on your pedestrian automatic doors, Bakewell clients should know that we are available for around-the-clock repairs. All of our engineers work efficiently to make sure that your Bakewell pedestrian automatic doors are in the best condition.

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    What Are Pedestrian Automatic Doors?

    What are Pedestrian Automatic Doors?

    Pedestrian automatic doors, Bakewell customers, are a series of doors that are utilised daily by pedestrians in order to exit a property and enter. As stated in the name, these doors are automatic, indicating they open on their own. These doors will have a sensor that senses when a person is in proximity to the door, and this sensor will then relay the message through the system, leading the doors to open.

    Bakewell, pedestrian automatic doors can be installed in a wide range of properties, wherever there is a constant circulation of foot traffic. This can be a commercial, industrial, or public property, from department stores and hospitals

    What Are the Benefits of Pedestrian Automatic Doors?

    What Are the Perks of Pedestrian Automatic Doors?

    There are numerous perks to pedestrian automatic doors that other types of entrances simply can’t compete with, which is why they’re the perfect choice for commercial facilities, airports, shopping malls, restaurants, retail outlets, and countless other establishments.

    Most of your clients are certain to choose an automatic door system as opposed to having to open and shut a conventional door. Not only that, congestion can quickly occur in busy environments without efficiently operating pedestrian automatic doors. Bakewell business owners will certainly want to avoid this for apparent reasons!

    Another key benefit is that pedestrian automatic doors are generally transparent. This makes them best for commercial properties because it means that individuals that are walking past the building will be able to get a look at your products, creating instant interest and new business.

    One more reason that it’s specifically pedestrian automatic doors Bakewell needs is that they let in a great deal of daylight, making your work environment airier and a lot more enjoyable for individuals to browse, spend time and shop in.

    Pedestrian automatic doors really are the most suitable choice for the vast majority of busy successful companies in Bakewell as well as the surrounding areas. In case you already have them installed, you will have to ensure that they’re regularly serviced to ensure optimal operation and safety for everyone.

    This is where Bolton Gate Services comes into help. Our committed and affordable maintenance packages are going to help you ensure that the doors are always working optimally and perfectly in line with UK Health and Safety regulations for workplace equipment!

    Will Pedestrian Automatic Doors Make My Business More Accessible for Disabled People?

    Do Pedestrian Automatic Doors Make my Business Accessible for Disabled People?

    The short answer to this question is that yes, pedestrian automatic doors, Bakewell customers, do help make your business easily accessible to disabled individuals. No one needs to manually open the door, allowing mobility device users and those with accessibility difficulties effortless access through the door.

    The addition of an automatic door on its own isn’t sufficient to make your company accessible for disabled individuals. You could have pedestrian automatic doors in Bakewell, but if they are at the top of a set of steps, they won’t be much help.

    You need to ensure that you examine the location in which your doors are being set up and think about whether disabled individuals will be able to easily access the doors. In some cases, you may need to think about the addition of ramps as well as railings to make certain your doors, and therefore your property, remain easily accessible.

    It is important to have regular maintenance checks carried out on your doors, something we can aid with at Bolton Gate Services. The last thing you need is for your Bakewell pedestrian automatic doors to stop working, as this makes accessibility much harder. With our team of engineers on hand to help, however, we can guarantee your doors continue to work optimally, allowing easy access to everyone.

    Are Pedestrian Automatic Doors Safe?

    Are Pedestrian Automatic Doors Safe?

    Simply put, the answer to this question is absolutely, your pedestrian automatic doors, Bakewell clients, are safe for use. They are designed and created to BS EN 16005; a European Standard that has applied to all doors installed since April 2013. This code of practice relates to the safety of automatic doors for pedestrian use and all doors that are set up must comply.

    Prior to installation can be carried out, your site has to undergo a risk analysis and also health assessment and you will be provided with a specification. All of this guarantees that your doors will be safe for use, even before they have been mounted.

    Once you have installed pedestrian automatic entrance doors in Bakewell, their continued safety depends on them being well serviced and maintained. We can help with this at Bolton Gate Services, as we provide exceptional repair and maintenance services. Our engineers will undertake regular maintenance inspections on your doors, ensuring everything is functioning efficiently and optimally.

    If, upon a maintenance check, we uncover that something is wrong, we will work to fix it then and there, returning your doors to their the best possible condition. We are also available for repair work should your doors break down and our engineers can be onsite within 4 hrs of your original phone call.

    We will arrive with all the parts and instruments required to carry out an essential first-time fix. And we will not leave your site till we are sure your Bakewell pedestrian automatic doors are safe for use.

    Where Can You Get Pedestrian Automatic Doors From?

    Where Can You Get Pedestrian Automatic Doors From?

    Bolton Gate Services is the top choice for maintaining, repairing and servicing pedestrian automatic doors. Bakewell business owners can depend on our quick service and more than 30 years of hands-on industry experience.

    At Bolton Gate Services, we do not supply first-time installments once you have actually had the doors installed by a group of specialists, we are here to look after them. We provide the best response times in industry, so you don’t have to bother with unneeded downtime as well as lost income!

    In the large majority of scenarios we get called out for in the Bakewell region, we will have every little thing that we require to get your pedestrian automatic doors functioning once again. In case there are any kind of parts or units that require to be purchased in, we’re going to carry out that vital first-time fix and make certain that the facilities are safe for everybody.

    While it’s rare, there are scenarios where the complication isn’t solvable as well as the doors need to be replaced– typically because of unexpected impact damage from a moving vehicle. If this happens, we’re going to be your team of choice as we have accumulated a great deal of valuable sector contacts throughout the years.

    Here at Bolton Gate Services, we understand how discouraging it can be when your doors experience a complication, so we’re here to ensure that everything is running efficiently at all times. The very best way for you to ensure this is by signing up for one of our affordable routine maintenance packages today!

    What do I need to consider when installing new Pedestrian Automatic Doors?

    What Do I Need to Consider When Installing New Pedestrian Automatic Doors?

    One of the first things you need to consider is whether these doors are actually suitable for your premises. Lots of commercial buildings use these systems in Bakewell. Pedestrian automatic doors are commonly found as entrances to supermarkets, shopping centres, hotels, hospitals and many more facilities.

    Safety is the primary factor that you should be considering when selecting automatic doors to be installed. These specific systems operate by means of motion sensors, which trigger the ‘open’ function when a person comes close to the door. The open and close function needs to be perfectly timed to avoid causing danger to people passing through.

    Here at Bolton Gate Services, we possess a wealth of experience in fitting new pedestrian automatic doors in Bakewell. Our team of engineers are highly qualified and up to date with all health and safety regulations. When installing your new doors, we make sure that every safety mechanism is fitted and complies with legal requirements.

    It is essential to know that if your doors fail a safety inspection, you could be in danger of facing a financial penalty. Not only that, but your insurance could be void. To prevent this from happening, a member of our team can carry out regular safety checks to guarantee that your doors are up to code.

    Safety is your top priority to take into consideration when having new automatic doors mounted, and you also need to make sure that the systems are accessible for everybody, and are wide enough to fit a large traffic stream as well as wheelchair users.

    Which is better, a wing or sliding automatic door?

    Which is Better; a Swing or Sliding Automatic Door?

    All automatic doors aren’t the same; in fact, there are two different versions: swing and sliding pedestrian automatic doors. That’s not to say that swing doors are a bad financial investment, but in specific scenarios, you may want to consider sliding doors over swing doors.

    Sliding pedestrian automatic doors. Swing doors by contrast “swing” in an outward direction, requiring extra clearance when the door is opening.

    With swing doors, there’s also a greater danger of collisions. If this is an issue that you feel could be prevalent in your circumstances, a sliding door could be a better option. The reason is that swing doors “swing” outwards when opening. A hold-up in the sensor registering someone approaching could result in the door failing to open. To be fair, this issue is rare can easily be prevented by merely keeping up with routine maintenance, which you must be doing anyway as it is a legal obligation.

    Aesthetically, both swing and sliding pedestrian automatic doors, Bakewell clients, look great. If you’re seeking to make your entryway look contemporary, professional, and inviting, either option will achieve this easily. And, in regards to accessibility, both selections are very efficient in providing hands-free access.

    How Safe are Pedestrian Automatic Doors?

    How Safe Are Pedestrian Automatic Doors?

    It’s entirely reasonable for you to be worried about the safety of pedestrian automatic doors, Bakewell business owners. The great news is that our doors the most safe options around and are fully compliant with health and safety.

    Our doors are constructed in compliance with the European Standard BS EN 16005 which all doors have been bound by since April 2013. This code relates to the safety of pedestrian automatic doors in Bakewell, specifically, their usage by the public and personnels. These doors pass extensive health and safety checks and are mounted by certified specialists following a risk evaluation and health assessment.

    As with many contemporary doors, our pedestrian automatic doors, Bakewell clients, come with various safety attributes too. These include safety sensors, timers, controlled access, and so on. Safety sensors are a typical feature that stops the doors from shutting if an obstacle is detected obstructing the threshold. This is especially essential for slow-moving individuals who may take a little longer to go through the doors.

    Of course, there are times when automatic doors can not be rendered unsafe. Our Bakewell pedestrian automatic doors team can assist you with this.

    And keep in mind, should an issue ever arise that requires immediate attention, our mobile services are available 24/7/365. Call us, and we’ll be on-site in just 4 hours.

    It’s totally reasonable for you to be concerned about the safety of pedestrian automatic doors, Bakewell business managers. Our doors are built in compliance with the European Standard BS EN 16005 which all doors have been bound by since April 2013. As with many contemporary doors, our pedestrian automatic doors, Bakewell customers, come with various safety attributes too.

    What is the Maximum Size of a Pedestrian Automatic Door?

    What is the Maximum Size of a Pedestrian Automatic Doors?

    We’ve already mentioned that the kind of pedestrian automatic entrance door you need will depend on the requirements of your establishment. Most customers, therefore, wish to know exactly how large automatic doors can get.

    The maximum size for pedestrian automatic doors, Bakewell customers, is 8m in width. While this may feel like a substantial amount of space, the doors won’t appear to take up excessive space once they’ve been fitted into your building. If you think that you’ll need big doors, it’s worth measuring your proposed space to see if you’ll have room.

    As 8m is the maximum width, any other smaller sizes can be custom-made to suit the requirements of businesses. There are, naturally, advantages to having big automatic doors; particularly, that bigger doors will allow more people to go through into your building at a time. Size, like most various other aspects of automatic doors, is up to personal preference and the size door you pick will, essentially, be dependent on what’s best for your building.

    At Bolton Gate Services, we have a variety of pedestrian automatic doors. Bakewell customers will be able to browse through a range of sizes in order to find a door type that is ideal for their properties. Our staff would be pleased to speak with you to go over your requirements and make recommendations based upon the door size that would be best for your property.

    Do You Offer Service or Maintenance of Pedestrian Automatic Doors

    Do You Offer Service or Maintenance of Pedestrian Automatic Doors?

    It is for this reason that servicing and maintenance are important for all companies with these types of doors. At Bolton Gate Services, we’re thrilled to be readily available for servicing and maintenance at all times!

    At Bolton Gate Services, we understand that the need for servicing and maintenance can arise at any time. It is because of this that we’ve made sure to be available 24/7. Our team can take your telephone call whenever needed and will schedule with you a convenient day upon which to visit your site and carry out work. Thanks to our depots being purposefully positioned all around the UK, we’re never more than four hours away from your site.

    When we arrive at your property, we’ll begin with an extensive examination of your pedestrian automatic doors. Bakewell clients can expect our team to immediately pinpoint any kind of areas of your entryway that need maintenance and get to work on repairing them immediately. Our personnel operate with speed and efficiency at all times, so you can expect minimal disruption as they work to get your doors back in top condition.

    We realise that at times basic maintenance work isn’t enough and that extensive repairs are required. In these instances, our team will head out to your site as soon as possible and provide you with a quick, effective, as well as long lasting fix.

    When it comes down to pedestrian automatic doors, Bakewell customers, we appreciate that you have numerous options available to you. But we’re positive that the answers we’ve provided to the questions above should convince you that we’re the agency you need to call. You simply can not match the quality of service provided by the team at Bolton Gate Services.

    No other provider can match us for our experience, the skills of our certified and experienced team, or the quality of the goods we supply. For expertise that is second-to-none and an array of services that’ll cover the lifecycle of your doors, we’re the company to call concerning pedestrian automatic doors in Bakewell. For 24-hour support, call our Poole depot on 08085015480.

    A member of our staff will take down your name, phone number, and details regarding the nature of your inquiry. For emergency telephone calls, we’ll get somebody dispatched to you immediately. For planned work, will get you booked in at a date and time that’s convenient for you.

    If your request is not an emergency and you ‘d simply like to make a basic enquiry, you can also reach out to us by emailing us at This account is actively checked, and any e-mails will be answered promptly by a member of our team. To ensure we can provide you with the right answers, please try to provide us with as much information as you can.

    There’s one other method of getting in contact with us, and that’s to fill out our online contact form. Simply enter your name, contact information, and inquiry, and we’ll respond to you as fast as possible. One last note– on our contact page, you’ll find details of our other depots situated all over the UK.

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