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Automatic door repair in Bolton

Do you own a building in the Bolton area that has automatic doors? Have your automatic doors recently stopped functioning correctly? Then get in contact with Bolton Gate today, we have the most qualified team who are able to supply the best service for automatic door repair in Bolton, and we will make sure your doors are working to their maximum capacity 100% of the time.

Bolton automatic door repair Automatic door repair in Bolton

When you run a business that has a high number of pedestrians or employees entering and exiting your building, you want to be confident that the doors you have within your building will constantly work to allow people in and out. The wisest choice of door for a company that experiences high foot traffic is the installation of automatic doors.

Bolton Gate automatic doors are among the most popular industrial door type for companies operating in the Bolton area. These companies want attractive looking doors that provide incredible security protection for the contents of a warehouse or building, and yet are customisable to a company’s specific industrial door requirements.

Automatic entrance doors and automated pedestrian doors

Automatic doors are perfect in the modern age, as unlike other industrial door types, these doors are compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). Ideal for schools and other public areas, automatic doors can be opened by different touch pad facilities, and so those who are disabled don’t have to struggle with trying to use door handles etc.

When your automatic doors aren’t functioning correctly, for whatever reason, you need to get them fixed as quickly as possible. Make sure you hire the greatest team for automatic door repair in Bolton, and get in touch with Bolton Gate today. Our highly qualified technicians will correct all sorts of different automatic door repair problems, including the following:

  • Drive chain has broken
  • Touch pads no longer working
  • Controlled access having issues
  • Electrical faults
  • Vehicle has bumped into the doors
  • Doors opening and closing slower than normal

Utilise our Bolton automatic door repair service at Bolton Gate

When any of the features of your automatic doors are not working correctly, call Bolton Gate for a thorough repair and maintenance service. At Bolton Gate, we are the leading specialist for automatic door repair in Bolton. We conduct an intensive maintenance service to all of the Bolton automatic doors at least once a year, so you can be confident that they will operate perfectly unless an unforeseen disaster happens.

When something terrible has happened and you need to complete a thorough automatic door repair operation; our team will visit your site to inspect your Bolton automatic doors and then we will perform a proactive investigation to ensure all issues are corrected. We use the best equipment and tools available on the market and all of our technicians are highly qualified and experienced to perform every single different type of automatic repair service that these doors could require.

Our team will determine not just where the source of the obvious problem is in order to fix it, but we will check for any underlying issues that could get worse in the future, and then fix them promptly. By hiring Bolton Gate for your automatic door repair in Bolton jobs, you will receive a hands-on team with years of experience.

Contact Bolton Gate today

To receive the very best automatic door repair in Bolton service, get in contact with the best in the business and choose Bolton Gate. To arrange an on-site visit so we can access the state of your current automatic doors, or to perform a stellar repair job, call us today on 01204684048.



Our highly skilled certified engineers are all trained in compliance with current Health and Safety legislation for your peace of mind.

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